Occupation essay

Workplays a crucial role in our lives. It is how we make a living. Wespend most of our day at our work. In recent times with the advent ofnew technologies, one can work anywhere provided they have twothings. A power source and internet connectivity. This leads toshifting from the office setting to work at home. This is a greatidea but here are the reasons why I still prefer to work in an officeenvironment.

Yourknowledge about the company is always up to date since you are at thecore. Users who work from home usually have to rely on third partyinformation which may not be so accurate. You are also able to seeany changes in the company first hand. With this knowledge, you canplan your career path either in accordance to or against the changes.

Youget to engage with so many different personalities in an officesetting that help you grow both in intellect and in character. Thisraises one’s ability when it comes to being open minded. One cantake in other people’s opinions even though some may not conform totheir way of life.

Itis easier to collaborate on ideas. You can share your opinions andget a face to face response on the go. You also get help way easierand quicker than when in a remote location.

Thedistractions in a home setting can reduce productivity levels. Theenvironment is not designed to suit work. Things such as answeringthe phone, television noises, children, and relatives make the workeven harder. All these also work on raising one’s stress levels.

Workingat home is monotonous. Staying in the same environment you work canhave its psychological effects on a person. The office settingprovides a variety of places to work in from conferences toexcursions. For these reasons, I prefer to work in an office settingto home.