Observation of the Spaces and Places of Childhood essay

Observationof the Spaces and Places of Childhood

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Observationof the Spaces and Places of Childhood

Mostof the spaces developed by adults, including playgrounds, aresubstantially monitored by the adults to ensure that the children aresafe and very secure. Such spaces can be explored so as to have anidea of the constructions of childhood and the politics of the spacesthat youngsters are found. In my observations, I found complex spacescreated for and by the children but the same, though intended tofocus on children, spaces such as the playgrounds reflected moreabout the nature of the adults related to the children. It alsoreflected more of the positions and needs of the adults.


Theplayground consisted of a slide and an open play field. The slide wasthe most conspicuous structure apart from the normal play fields.Children playing at the playground were always accompanied by theirparents who sat on benches watching over them. The children were veryorganized, probably due to proper parenting. They took turns on theslide with no bullying or any form of harassment. The slide’sheight was six feet, and the top had adequate space that would allowmore than one child to stand and stare at the surroundings with aninclined view.

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Thestyle in which the slide was built was also worth noting. It is wellguarded by welded bars to prevent any form of accident that mightmake a child fall. Such indicate the great care that the parent hastowards their children. It can also be used to portray the childrenas a vulnerable group who need extra attention and supervision fortheir well-being. The childhood space was well guarded and secured toensure that no harm affects the little ones and at some instances, aconcerned parent would move towards their child to check whether theyare fine. Through space, one can easily conclude on the type ofparenthood and parenting qualities of the children’s parents. In myobservation’s setting, the parents can be described as responsibleand caring. This is explained by the cleanliness and safety measuresof the child’s space, and also the company that the parents offeras the children play.


Fromthe observations, childhood can be explained as a space ofrestriction and carefulness set against the treats and affordances ofadulthood. It is a space permeated by standards which are far muchgreater than those found in adulthood. These, as seen in theobservations, include safety, potential and innocence. Space is setaside from a counter-site of adulthood. The adults determine thespace of a child as observed. The same might, however, change whenthe child decides to break the borders and seek to explore otherspaces. Such might only happen in circumstances where the parent iseither not over-concerned of safety, or is unavailable.

Ilearnt that a child is a vulnerable being from the observations madeat the playground. Children must be protected to prevent harm. Suchis depicted by the safety guards placed on the slide. They must alsobe watched to prevent misconduct. Such is illustrated by the presenceof the parents at the playground, and who at particular instancesmoved to give counsel to their children. The space of the childrenunder my observation appeared to be one that failed to offer specificdegrees of standard, complexity, and novelty. From such, the childrencould not have a chance of being innovative as they are restricted.