Objectivity as a tool for displaying Reality essay

Objectivityas a tool for displaying Reality

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Objectivityas a tool for displaying Reality

Objectivitycontains weaknesses and is therefore a less useful way in finding thetruth in reality. The value depends on facts to try and describereality. Objectivity is at most times attributed to the property ofscientific measurements. The accuracy and precision of themeasurements can be gauged in an independent form irrespective of thescientist who first developed the measurements. Feminism can be usedto argue for and against objectivity as a way of showing truth inrealism. Feminism is a societal or political position which hasinvolvement in commitment to egalitarian values, mainly concerningwomen. On the contrary, science aims at pursuing the objective ofempirical knowledge. In the early days, sexist values attributed tothe distortion of science thus pushing for early feminist critiquesof science to develop ways of uncovering the distorted ways. At thetime, science had failed to be value-free and was consequently viewedas bad science which fails to depict reality.

Objectivityis an important aspect of science. Descrates’ does not think ofbeing real as a yes-or-no matter. He however describes some things asbeing more real than others. Plato on the other hand presents realismas a form of metaphysical objectivism. His claims hold that thingsonly exist to the extent to which they are perceived. Most scientificresearch is based on the finding of truth in the unknown and eventsthat are rather unpredictable. &nbspAccording to objectivists in themetaphysical era, objects may openly be alleged to possess thisattribute or that, as shown in the avowal &quotThis object exists,&quotwhereas the statement &quotThis object is true&quot or &quotfalse&quotis meaningless. Certain laws and acts hold science according to theselaws in trying to solve phenomena in nature. Science agreeablyemploys objectivity in outlining the realities and truths unaffectedby objecting to belief or interpretation. Science unfolds what we donot know through the use of theories. Through science, reality isquite accessible, and the recognition of this fact leads to usefulobjectivity. Descartes`s arguments support the fact that science canportray reality in the unknown and the ability of science to solvepuzzles in life.

Perspectivism,on the other hand, rejects objectivity. Regarding perspectivism,objectivity does not convey facts or any knowledge about a thing thatis questionable. The truth is detached from any specific vantagepoint. Perspective is based on the beliefs by self on the things asthey occur in the minds of an individual or that individuals see astrue. On the issue of feminism for example, strong belief towards oragainst feminism. This perceptions are brought to reality by theindividual rather than through objectivity. No ethical orepistemological truths exist to support objective metaphysics. Thefact is formulated through the integration of different vantagepoints. Individuals always implement perspectives in an unconsciousmanner and the concepts of the existence of a person are only definedby the circumstances that are characteristic of that individual. Ifthere is a real world, which might be defined an individual or peopleas something that exists away from our perspectives but has aninfluence on our percepts, then all the things in the world are trulyobjective.

Ina different angle, the claims that reality can be generated throughthe use of science is questionable. The experimental facts andtheories used to develop realities based on science are quitecontroversial. Some of the methods used in finding the results wouldhave bias thus affecting the results. Some of the findings in sciencehave been questioned over the year thus degrading the ability ofobjectivity to obtain the truth about reality, especially thephenomenal or unknown reality. Objectivity is questionable at apractical level. As a matter of fact, one comment put by GunnarMyrdal suggests that objectivity stands for nothing but an illusionwhich is unbearable to achieve. Research is guided by certainviewpoints which Myriad suggests that such should be made clear andmentions these viewpoints as weaknesses to the dependability ofobjectivity to depict reality. In most scientific research, thehypothesis is generated by an individual and this fact may orientthem towards bias since one would want to represent their viewpointsor perspectives in the hypothesis. Objectivity is also prone toprejudice thus questioning its reliability in knowing the truth inreality.

Objectivityis less dependable in knowing the truth about reality. Despite itsweakness, objectivity continues to be an elusive goal but should onlybe employed when measures are put to ensure that limiting factorssuch as bias are deleted.