Objectives or goals essay

Success is basically the opposite of failure, it refers to the attainment of the individual’s objectives or goals, and it can also refer to the change of the individual’s social status. For the success to be achieved an individual must make major decision in life and the way ones makes them determines the final result which are the indicators of success.

As an example, taking the time after college to reflect and analyze once current position would be a great idea, considering that at this time there a number of decisions and choices that need to be made individually an individual should be very careful in analyzing their capabilities. After college one can decide to seek a job in a company, continue with education to graduate school or start up a business.

These decisions vary among people. According to my idea the best choice would be to continue with education since it’s the key to success, by this I mean education will assists attain all the other decisions in the future, being a graduate will assist in getting a better job in the future than the one I would get presently, it will also be a lee way to having a personal business since their will be easy access to capital.

Education will also be my best decision since it assists in dealing with technological changes, people of different cultures and any other major change that may incur in the future. In conclusion, I strongly believe that continuing with school to a graduate level would be the key to success considering education is not just an asset but knowledge; hence it will assist in making several other future decisions, since it is not easy to grade the impact of education on the individual’s life.