Obesity In America essay

ObesityIn America

Obesityin America

Theprevalence of obesity is high in America. The most recent data showsthat obesity in adults is over 35 percent in three prominent statesincluding Mississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia, with Arkansashaving the highest rate of 35.9 percent (Ogden et al., 2014). Theeffects of obesity are both far-reaching and fatal. In my community,obesity has had a severe impact on many people young and the elderlyalike. These effects range from health including predisposition todiabetes, diseases of the heart, sleep apnea to psychological effectsassociated with disapproval of the obese persons by other peopleleading to bias and distress.

Particularly,many factors contribute to the development of obesity. The factorsinclude lifestyle choices, metabolic factors, and certain disordersof the endocrine system including Diabetes Type 2, diseases andsocioeconomic factors (Ogden et al., 2014). Of all the factors thatcontribute to obesity occurrence, lifestyle choice is the most commonaspect. There are two key measures to put into consideration toprevent obesity based on lifestyle choices. Firstly, accumulate 50minutes of intense physical activity every day for the seven days ofthe week that could include going to the gym and walking to burnextra calories. Secondly, eat foods low in energy density or thosewith low calorific values. Such foods are mainly whole grain foods.

Onesociological theory that relates to lifestyle choice as the cause ofobesity is the behavioral economics theory. The theory attempts toexplain how several factors including social aspects affect people`seconomic decision-making processes. Apparently, people opt to consumefoods with high calories since they are readily available at lowerprices as compared to the healthy foods that tend to be scarce andcostly (Flegal, et., 2002). As a result, the risk of obesityincreases considerably.


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