Nursing Role Interview essay

From my interview with a manager at a long-term care agency, Ilearned that the role of direct care nurses has a great impact onclinical outcomes (Baredell, 1999). In a multi-professional teamaiming at the same outcome, the quality of input by nurses will be asignificant factor in determining clinical outcomes of theorganization. The impact of the quality of care by the nurses is asignificant factor because nurses have a bigger role to play inlong-term care when compared to the other professionals in amulti-disciplinary team. In order for an organization to achieve itsagenda of providing quality services, the nursing staff should be onboard too. The organization can involve nurses by providing them withthe necessary infrastructure to improve the quality of services theyprovide (Sellman, 2011).

Following the interview, I have learned that I as a nurse have acrucial role to play in determining the clinical outcome of anorganization and its ability to achieve its strategic objectives(Cronenwett et al, 2007). Owing to the massive responsibility put onthe shoulders of nurses, I have resolved to do my work to the best ofmy ability. When working with different professionals in the team, itis always important for the nurse to take up his responsibilities asspecified in the inter-disciplinary protocol.

Following my new found knowledge regarding the role of theadministration in providing the necessary resources in order toimprove the quality of nursing services, I have realized theimportance of reporting issues that affect performance (Khuse, 1999).In the line of my work, I will always notify the concerned parties ofany resources that I need in order to improve the quality of servicesI give.


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