Nursing Nursing essay




One overt incident I witnessed during my rotation at St. Mary’sMental Hospital was the lack of collaboration between nurses and thephysicians when it came to delivery of services to patients. Duringmy rotation, nurses continually failed to adhere to doctor’sinstructions when it came to provision of care. Most of them defieddoctors openly without regarding the impact such actions would resultin care provision.

Covert actions were displayed when nurses could fail to provide carefor the patients especially after their loved ones left theirpremises. It was unfortunate that the mental nurses conspired toconfine patients in wards and sedated those perceived to be stubborn.I think it is mandatory that those entrusted with a particularresponsibility should do so without any form of coercion.


An example of the ethical dilemma occurred in a scenario where as anurse, I had to take care of a patient who had an abortion.Personally, I am pro-life, and I identify the need to protect life atany given instance. However, a patient presented who had undergoneabortion, but needed care because of her condition. I was in adilemma, on whether I should request that a different nurse isassigned to the patient, or I take care of her despite ourcontrasting views on life. I was uncertain, on how I should handlethe issue since it hurt to see an individual terminate the life ofanother. Morally, it is wrong to end life through abortion(Shafer-Landau, 2012). However, I held to my moral obligation ofproviding services to patients irrespective of the decision that thepatient had made. I took care of her since it was my duty.


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