Nurses Code of Ethics Affiliated essay

NursesCode of Ethics


NursesCode of Ethics

Nursingas a career has regulatory principles which guide the Nursingpractice. Nurses before they are allowed to practice they mustregister with relevant bodies. All the regulation are listed in thecode which entails performance, and standard of conduct for nurses,which is a crucial tool in protecting health and wellbeing of theindividuals[ CITATION Ame15 l 1033 ].Some of the principlesin the code include: all the individuals under you care should beable to entrust you with their health and welfare. As a nurse, youshould demonstrate beyond doubt that you value your patients, and youwill do anything to ensure they are comfortable. Also, the principlerequires nurses to prioritize the needs, respecting the dignity andtreating patients as individuals. The dignity of the public shouldbe maintained and protected at all cost. In the recent past, reportshave shown that there is an increase in the number of cases wherenurses have failed to treat their patients with respect and dignitythey deserve[ CITATION Ame15 l 1033 ].

Oneof the strengths of the Nursing Code of Ethics is that it seeks toprotect both the nurses and public and ensure sanity andprofessionalism in the healthcare industry. It provides a frameworkon how the public and nursing practitioners should relate and ensuresmooth service delivery in hospitals and all healthcare facilities.One of the weaknesses of the Nursing code of ethics is that it failsto protect the safety of the nurses when providing care services inisolated cases.

Oneof the things I didn’t expect to see in the code of ethics is howit promotes professional development. Nurses are required to attendtraining on a regular basis to enhance their competence and skills invarious specialties in a nursing career. The code is always used ondaily basis to form part of the learning, progress and performanceassessment tool.


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