Nurses as Leader in Health Care Reform Number essay

Nursesas Leader in Health Care Reform


Nursesas Leader in Health Care Reform

Thehealthcare sector has been one of the tremendously changing sectorsin the United States. Healthcare reform is regarded as a general termto refer to major healthcare policy changes which impact the deliveryof healthcare services. One of the changes has been to activelyinvolve the stakeholders, especially the nurses to improve thequality of healthcare, as well as improve their ability to serve morepeople (Benjamin,2014).Today, the role of nurses has changed as a result of the healthcarereform. The roles range from coordinating care from care providers,managing patients, as well as assisting patient’s transition fromhospitals to home and vice versa (Anazor, 2012). More so, with thecontinued technological advancement, there has been increased demandfor nurses to be effective in using the devices, managing vastinformation available and in turn required to have effectiveleadership qualities. This paper focuses on the issue of leadershipin nursing, and the role of nurses as leaders towards the HealthcareReform.

Asthe healthcare sector in the United States continues to evolve,either through the adoption of new policies or new technologies, therole of nurses and nurse leaders has remained crucial to theeffectiveness and success of the reform process (Benjamin,2014).As a result of an increase in the roles of nurses, the role ofleaders has equally changed in terms of scope in order to haveeffective management of the nurses and the resources within thenursing sector. One of the major roles of leaders in nursing is toarrange and oversee the training of the nursing staff, as well asobserving them ensure effective delivery of care (Anazor, 2012). Onthe other hand, nurse leader’s acts as the link between thehealthcare reform policies, and service delivery. They facilitatepolicy implementation and structural changes that may be advocated inthe healthcare sector. One primary role that cannot be overlooked isthat of planning work schedules as well as delegatingresponsibilities and duties to the rest of nursing staff (Benjamin,2014).Finally, the leaders also recommend policy changes ensure properdelivery of services and management of resources in the nursingsector.

Theevolution being experienced within the healthcare sector through thehealth care reform initiative has impacted the role of nurse leaders.Today, leaders in the nursing sector are required to be equipped withvast knowledge, such as business, finance, administrative skills, andeffective leadership skills as well human resource managementknowledge (Anazor, 2012). This enables them to effectively manage theemployees in the nursing sector for effective realization ofhealthcare facility objectives as well as those of nurses.


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