Norm-Referenced Tests essay


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A norm-referencedtest score provides a researcher with the opportunity to compare aseries of results obtained in a study as well as determine the rankof each performance (Brown, 2013). With regards to IQs, anorm-referenced will be used by the researcher to determine the IQlevel of each participant and how it rate in comparison to the othersscores. With all results available, the researchers will be able torank the results and evaluate who performed better as compared to therest of the group (Xuan &amp Michel, 2011).

Standardizedscores refer to the level of deviations from the mean of the rawscores (Xuan &amp Michel, 2011). Such values are important toresearchers since they ensure that instead of using estimates,standardized testing is conducted on results whose parameters arealready known. In addition to this, the standardized scores are alsoused to determine the prediction intervals (Brown, 2013). In thiscase, both the lower endpoint and upper endpoints are used indetermining where the probability of the next interval will fall. Thenorm-referenced tests can be used to classify individuals as low,medium and high by ranking the outcomes in either ascending ordescending order. After that, the researcher can be in a position toidentify which of the scores ranks the highest and the one that hasposted the lowest scores (Logsdon, 2016).

Weather reportsare presented in the norm-referenced forms. As such, they have a highand low temperature of the day. Additionally, a mean is provided foreach of the daily readings. The high, medium and low scores areavailable and as such the additional descriptive statistics thatwould be required include the measurement errors and percentile ranks(Logsdon, 2016).


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