New Position in the Company essay

NewPosition in the Company

NewPosition in the Company

Accidentsand other horrifying misfortunes are usually traumatic andpsychologically disturbing situations. Research has gone further tostate that it may take a very long time for the victim to get overthe experience. One would argue that in insurance handling, it takesan exceptional individual to make a difference by paying attentionand assisting customers through this difficult time. The company hasresorted to hiring more claim representatives in an attempt to betterthe company client relationship following the increase in the volumeof claims towards it.

Theincrease in the number of claim representatives demands theestablishment of a claim supervisor position in the company(Schaeffer, 2006). The position is not only expected to conductsupervision of claim representatives and their association with thecompany’s customers, but also act as the first point of contact forcustomers involved in accidents and other disasters. A ClaimsSupervisor will supervise the verification of accident facts,determine how far the policy coverage goes, and also review theinsurance contracts. He/she will also analyse negotiations and ensurethat claims are settled in agreement with both the company and thecustomer.

AClaim Supervisor will assume the managing position of all claimrepresentatives in the company. Therefore, he/she will stand a betterchance to improve the mode of conduct expressed by claimrepresentatives in the company. Due to the increased volumes ofclaims to the company, the claim supervisor will be critical inensuring that all the claims are catered for. This will involvebetter claim allocation by the supervisor to the claimrepresentatives in the company. The supervisor will also improve theprocess of claim representation, where he/she will check the resultsand accomplishments of the company in regards to settling claims.

Itis also important to note that the new position is critical toimproving the company-client relationship. The position is alsoexpected to improve the quality of services rendered to customers.Just like any other position in the company, the Claim Supervisor isexpected to interact and work collaboratively with other positionholders in the company. The position will offer an opportunity forinteraction with the claim representatives where the supervisor willspearhead claim operations (settlement) within the company. Theposition holder is also expected to interact with the financedirector, where he/she and the finance director may analyse andbrainstorm on claim representation and its achievements, challenges,and solutions to the company.

AClaim Supervisor will interact with the Human resource manager whenin need of hiring other employees to work under him. The positionwill equally allow the company to fully evaluate a number of claimrepresentatives in conjunction with their function in the company. Aholder of this office will be in a position to provide the companywith detailed information regarding claim representation and claimsettlement (Schaeffer, 2006). To some extent, the claim supervisor islikely to interact with the marketing manager of the company, inorder to improve the company’s approach to offering betterinsurance contracts, which may attract a larger number of customers.

Asa claim representative, one is identified as the first point ofcontact for customers involved in accidents and other disasters. Welldeveloped and strategic claim representation is important insatisfying the customer’s needs, as well as developing qualityservices and brand of the company. A Claim Supervisor will beimportant in developing and organizing claim representation in thecompany. This will improve and contribute to the effective resultsfrom Epic Health Solutions Company. The supervisor will not onlyimprove the business’s conduct but also steer the company towardsgrowth in the modern day business industry.


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