Nature Vs Nature essay

NatureVs Nature

Themajority of the behavior exhibited by the twins is genetic as opposedto learned. Most of the behaviors exhibited by children are learnedfrom the experiences they encounter with their parents. For example,boys behave in a masculine way due to the way the parents teach them.A parent may scold a kid and tell him, “Boys don’t cry” when heexpresses his emotions by crying. The social structure has an impacton the development of children mass media, as well as the religiousinstitutions, depict it. For example, there are accepted as well asunaccepted behaviors in children of different sexes. Girls are morewilling to be associated with male behaviors while boys dislike beingassociated with female behaviors. For example, girls like thereference tomboy while no boy likes being called a sissie that is afemale related characteristic. Theabove examples provide enough proof that agents of socialization havean impact on the behavior adopted by children. In the case of thetwins, the theory has proven otherwise. The first twin –Jim L andJim s were reared apart since infancy. Besides, they were raised bydifferent families in Ohio and were unaware of each other’sexistence. However, the similarity with which they conduct theiractivities makes it feel like it is the same individual. For example,the ability to name their dogs a similar name is not based on socialexperiences. The two had the option to choose different names, butinstead, they had the same name on their pets- Toy. The other keygenetic behavior is their biting of nails. Biting of nails is arather feminine character, yet the twins were male. It is possiblethat the different parents had made efforts to have the children quitthe behavior, and the results were not forthcoming. The other keygenetic behavior is depicted in their marriage life. Each of thetwins was married twice. The issue of marrying twice is purelygenetic as opposed to social. After being brought up by differentparents, it is expected that the two were exposed to various culturesas influenced by the parents. However, the genetic part that makestheir behavior incredible is the fact that they were both married tospouses with similar names- the first was Linda and second was Betty.The incidences of their lives occur with utmost precision such thatthe two individuals appear to be communicating to one another beforemaking their choices. The further behavior with their spouses occurslike a miracle. Specifically, the two scatter love notes to theirwives around the house. Besides, their choice of drinks appearedsimilar to describing one person. The two are chain-smokers ofSalems. Besides, they preferred an occasional Miller Lite beer.Finally, the twins are said to have taken their families from Ohio tothe Pas Grille beach in St Petersburg Florida on their summervacation. Besides, the two chose to drive a light blue Chevroletduring the holiday.Similar to the above twins is theactions of Jerry L and Mark N that were each bald with a bushymustache. Besides, each was a volunteer firefighter and made theirliving out of installing safety equipment. Their choice of clothingand drinks is similar despite the differences in environment. Jackyand Oscar indicate similar characteristics. Interesting enough eachof the twins adopted a behavior to sneeze loudly in the elevator tofrighten other passengers. Besides, they both used to sleep at nightwhile watching television.Inconclusion, the social influences do not affect the chosen course ofaction by the twins. Their behaviors appear the same despitedifferences in the environment. Consequently, it is easy to concludethat instead of social influence, the genetic similarity between thetwins has a great impact on their day-to-day activities.