Native American essay

West Wood is one of incorporated the cities in country of Los Angeles in California. It is also known as WeHo. It is an area which is occupied by people of different ethnic and tribal background. Majority of the population in this area are those people who have retired and therefore the majority of the population is made of old who have different cultural and social background depending on their ethnic background. Most of people in this area are fishers.

Due to diverse culture and ethnic background, there are different religions within the area and most of the schools within the area are built by various church organizations. What is my community’s history? History of West holly Wood started in 18th century and at this time the area was inhibited by Portuguese. Town of seaman was established in late 19th century in West holly Wood and it is at this city that most of the employees resided especially those who were involved in construction of rail roach.

This resulted to party gaining reputations since so many activities took place in this area. The city decided to stand on its own and not to incorporate Los Angeles and it was named West holly wood. Many things that were illegal in Los Angeles were legalized in West holly wood such as gambling which lead to many people migrating to this region. Movies people attracted so many individuals to this city since it was less restricted since many movie funs migrated to the region.

The area was popular and saw so many people migrating to that place as a result of increased entertainment and fun since so many forms of entertainments which were legal in some countries were legalized in West holly wood. Most or recent migration to West wood was after Soviet Union was dissolved which lead to so many Jews from Russia migrating into the region. Population influxes West holly Wood is a city which is not heavy populated but its exact population rate cannot be determined since it keeps on varying in different times of the day and in specific time of the year when different activities are carried out.

It is estimated that the areas residential population is around 37,000 but due to different cultural activities which takes place at night and over the weekend, population can rise up to 80,000 to 100,000 and in most case it can go up 500,000 during the time that major events are held. The population density of the area is around 7355. 1 per kilometer squared. The main occupants of the area are Asians, whites, Pacific Islander, African American and Native American.

There were also some traces of Latino and Hispanic who contributed to a small percentage of total population of the West wood. Industry influxes Industries took roots in west holly wood in 1950s which started with design and decorating industry which resulted to completion of pacific design in 1975 which covered quite a big area of about 750,000 square foots. Then in 1960s a culture and music publishing industry was brought in town. Therefore, these were the main industries in West holly wood which increased the economic status of the city.