Narcoterrorism essay


is defined in the oxford dictionary as a terrorist tactic employed bydealers in illicit drugs as against competitors or government agents. is used to refer to attempts of narcotics traffickersto influence the policies of a government of a society throughviolence and intimidation or to avoid the enforcement of anti-druglaws by the systematic threat. I do agree with this term because itis used by corporations and organizations whose main agenda is toresult and fund drug trafficking activities (Cakir,2002). For example, the United States government is working tirelessly toensure that there is extradition of commanders by advocating forcomparisons and supporting military activities.

Therehas been a spawned debate concerning Napoleoni’s view of the newterrorist economy. First and foremost, there seems to be adisconnection as to what constitutes terrorism. Social scientists,policy makers and lawyers often disagree the meaning of wordterrorism. For example Cooper says that it’s “a problem in theproblem definition.” This is because it is hard to define whatconstitutes terrorism.

Napoleonisays that the debate turns partly on the way terrorism is defined andthose who define it. For example, in each suicide bombing in Israel,there are those who condemn terror and there are those who laudemartyrs. One thing that remains a suspicious fact is that there is noway of knowing whether money contributed for charitable purpose hasbeen diverted for the purposes of terror (Nolan, 2002) She says that“the truth is that terrorism is a political phenomenon and as longas it remains in the domain of politics no worldwide consensus willbe reached as its definition.”

Anotherexample is the definition of terrorism from Martha Crenshaw.According to her, she says that terrorism cannot be defined unlessthe act, target and possibility of success are analyzed. Under thisapproach, freedom fighters use legitimate military methods to attacklegitimate political targets. She also suggests that revolutionaryviolence should not be confused with terrorism(Bale, 2013). Accordingto her, terrorism means socially and politically unacceptableviolence aimed at an innocent target to achieve a psychologicaleffect.

Neverthelessthere is a misunderstanding between the terms terror and terrorism.The importance of the military is to strike terrorism into the heartof the enemy and terror has been a basic weapon in conflictsthroughout the history. This has led to the argument that there is nodifference between military force and terrorism. Many have said thatmaintaining ready to use nuclear weapons is an extension ofterrorism. This therefore makes others think that anything thatcreates terror is terrorism so there is no limit as to the actualdefinition of terrorism (Haupt,2009).

MsNapoleoni says that there is a comparison with the ear of thecrusades against Islamic dominance, arguing that economic imperativespropel the war on terrorism has been the same over the centuries.Another similarity is that terrorist organizations or liberationmovements have the same skills in pursuit of their goals (Gomis,n.d).Armed groups financing their activities through drug running laundertheir income.

Inconclusion, the war on terror is economic not political andreligious. What is being revealed today is a misunderstanding betweentwo economic Systems. One is dominant and the other is subordinate.This is the stipulated conflict between Islamic terror and the West.She supports this by saying that “as in crusades, religion issimply a recruitment tool, the real driving force is the economists.”


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