Napoleonic War essay



TheNapoleonic war was mainly a conflict between the French and theEuropean countries, especially the Britain. The United Statesmaintained a neutral position. This gave the U.S. an opportunity toestablish an export-oriented economy, since it could ship goods toBritain and France. The U.S. ships were welcome on both sides, untilthe war of 1812 when British prevented them from reaching France(Hickey, 2001). Apart from the economic gains that the U.S. got fromtaking advantage of its neutral position, the government intended toexpand its territory. This was opposed by Britain and resulted inthe declaration of war between the two countries. The U.S. army wasattacked by three groups, including the British royal force, Canadianforces, and the Native Americans. The U.S. forces could not withstandthese attacks, which resulted in its defeat and the burning of thecapital city of Washington, D.C. by the year 1814 (Hickey, 2001).Therefore, the main reason for the war to spread to the U.S. was theattempt by the fighting parties (France and Britain) to preventsupplies from reaching the enemy. This could only be achieved bycontrolling the U.S. trade ships or placing embargoes.

Themain similarity between causes of the 1812 war and oversees eventstaking place in the modern world is that the U.S. develop foreignpolicies that are not agreeable to most of the countries (Blum,2016). For example, the U.S. foreign policy of neutrality with regardto the issue of Napoleonic war could hurt either of the warringterritories since the economic success of one of them coulddisadvantage the other. Similarly, the U.S. foreign policies havebeen accused of suppressing the political systems, economy, andreligion in the Arab nations (Blum, 2016). This is suspected to bethe main basis of the ideology used by terror groups that have beenattacking the U.S. cities.

Inconclusion, the Napoleon war was mainly agitated by the Britain’sattempt to block the U.S. ships from accessing France. However, themain cause of crises that affects the U.S. cities is theestablishment of foreign policies that stand to benefit the UnitedStates at the expense of the political, religious, and economicprogress of other nations.


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