Myths about Policing and Crime-Fighter essay

Mythsabout Policing and Crime-Fighter

Indescribing the myths of policing, I will start by emphasizing on thecrime-fighting spirit of the police officers. I will look at how thepolice officers spend much of their time in enforcing variouscriminal laws as well as making several patrols. I will as well focuson the wrong image of police officers who are said to spend less timein enforcing the laws. Lastly, I will explain how most of the policeofficers spend much of their time in maintaining law and order aswell as solving various problems that may need their attention(Walker and Katz, 2012).

Secondly,I will address the probable sources that may give the crime-fighter aspecific image. This will include the entertainment mediaespecially, on how the movies and televisions help to make thepicture popular among the viewers. I will also look at the news mediaand the emphasis they put in crimes that appear to be serious as wellas how they expose the victims and violence. Another common sourcewill be the police department, where I will stress on the pressreleases and the annual reports that are given by the policedepartments. These reports will show the type of crimes that arecommitted and the arrests made by the police officers (Walker andKatz, 2012).

Lastly,I will discuss the impacts of the crime-fighter image. In this, Iwill look point on the police who do not take their time to attend totheir duties especially, those who consume most of their time andeffort idling. I will address how evaluating the performance of thepolice officers is difficult in some situations. Lastly, I willemphasize on how the image may create unrealistic expectations amongthe public from the police even in circumstances where it is beyondthe help of police to prevent crimes from happening or arrest thecriminals (Walker and Katz, 2012).


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