My Speech Ice Breaker Report essay

MySpeech Ice Breaker Report


Andnow, we have come to a time when we will hear from a person who isjust unique in his own way. In fact, his name means “Unique.” Heis a major in supply chain management and likes travelling, listeningto music and running. Today, he will apply his unique way of viewinglife to tackle the problem of knowing people, and explorecommunication as the solution. This is an important part of life andis a unique message for us and everyone should listen to his idea.Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a warm welcometo………..(enter your name here….).

2.Speech Opening

Thetheme of the speech will be the necessity of communication as a toolof knowing people. Together, we will learn more about the importanceof knowing people and using communication to relate to the peoplearound us. This message will change the way we view others and giveus insight on how communication contributes to understanding ourenvironment.

3.Body of the Speech

  • Knowing people

    • Problem: not all people in the world understand others

    • Many people do not realize they do not know others

    • The majority has no idea what to do to know others better

  • Importance of Knowing people

    • Gives us a better understanding of other people’s perspectives about life

    • Creates an environment of understanding each other

    • Gives people better social interactions and relations at work

  • Communication as a tool for knowing people

    • Talking to people opens you to their world

    • Communication promotes interactions that lead to knowing the ideas of the other person

    • Communication acts as a gateway of understanding the habits and character of the other person

    • Communication helps you to influence the other person

4.Speech Conclusion

Thethree main points here are that, knowing people is a problem, knowingpeople is important, and communication is key in solving the problem.Knowing people are a problem in the world as the majority does notunderstand others well. It is important to know others, so that wecan understand their world and interact well. Communication isnecessary in knowing people by opening our understanding to otherpeople’s ideas, interactions and habits.