My Piece of the Solution essay

I believe that global warming is, more than a current crisis, holding our future generation hostage. And we are the only rescuer they have, that is if we are concerned enough. As an individual contributor to the accumulation of greenhouse gases into the environment, I believe I am responsible and obligated to take part of the solution. First thing to do for me is to asses how much damage am I causing to the environment through my regular activites and what can I do to avoid causing damage,what can I do to repair damages that are done. I, like most of us travel and use transportation means such as cars and buses.

These vehicles which run on burning fossil fuels that is gasoline of diesel produce CO2. What I can do to reduce the emission of such greenhouse gas is to reduce my use of motor vehicle, I can walk towards places that are near or use a bicycle, or perhaps use a hybrid vehicle (like those is Asia) which run on biofuel. Also, at home, I have an air conditioner and a refrigerator, both of which use CFCs and emit CFCs as coolant. If I start being conscious even with the appliances that I purchase I could help reduce the release of CFC into the atmosphere.

The age old solution of recycling is also appealing, the use of recycled materials would promote less degradation of our environment, for example the use of recycled paper would reduce the amount of trees being cut off for production. Also, we must replace trees that have been cut by this industrial world. These trees in turn absorb CO2 in the atmosphere, thus helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. When it comes to doing something, there is no better time than now. We must Act now.