My Personal Worldview essay


MyPersonal Worldview

Spiritualitycan refer to any action through which a person seeks meaning,especially sacred (Bowe, 2003). It may also refer to a heavenlyexperience, personal escalation or an encounter with one’s innerdimension. Initially, spirituality was perceived as the process ofrestoration that had the objective of reshaping man to the image ofGod. Spirituality has been indicated to have a major role in dealingwith issues such as the management of substance abuse, parenting, aswell as mental health (Bowe, 2003). Furthermore, spirituality can beunderstood as the quest to identify with and stick to one’sspiritual intuitions. Such intuitions include life has an optimisticfunction and should be compassionate and fair. Philosophy ofspirituality is all about understanding the ultimate foundations ofspirituality intuitions (Bowe, 2003).

Pluralismis the assurance that there are no self-evident, habitual means ofestablishing the truth of assertions (Connolly, 2005). This does notimply that there are no available means of doing so, but the means atthe disposal will not inevitably convince those with whom peopledisagree with. Consequently, individuals have to hold open thepossibility that whoever disagrees with them do it realistically.This simply suggests that it is impossible to pressurize others intobelieving what others believe. Individuals may offer reasons for acertain perception however, even if these reasons are sufficient tosupport the claims, it is not a must to compel them into acceptingthe perception.

Scientismdescribes a belief system that applies the scientific method.According to Southgate (2003), scientism has the assumption that theinductive approaches of natural science emerge as the sole source ofknowledge that is factual regarding man and society. Furthermore,scientism has been considered to appreciate natural sciences highlycompared to the way it appreciates other learning branches(Southgate, 2003).

Post-modernismis a response to the assumed certainty of science, or efforts toexplain the reality. Postmodernism recognizes that realism is notmirrored in human understanding, but is rather constructed as themind tries to comprehend its own exacting and individual reality.Scientism is highly disbelieving of explanations which maintainvalidity for all races, groups, traditions and cultures, but as analternative, postmodernism focuses on the relative reality of eachindividual (Southgate, 2003). In postmodernism, reality can come intoexistence only through interpretations of what the world meansaccording to personal view. Postmodernism argues that ultimateprinciples are non-existence, and is pessimistic of the existence ofscientific, religious, or philosophical truth which explainseverything to individuals.

BasicWorldview Questions


Primereality is what is genuine, or the absolute truth that exists in theworld. In personal worldview, God is the prime reality. God is theone who controls the way the world operates and nothing is above Godeven the gods or material cosmos. God is real because He is the onewho created the world when it was formless and shapeless (Sire,2011).


Thenature of the world around us is the world that was created by theSupreme Being God. God created the universe in an organized mannerwhere people depend on the external world around them, and the worldin turn depends on them. The world around us is in the form ofmatter but not the spirit.


Accordingto personal worldview, a human being is a person who was made in theimage of God. Therefore, human beings are expected to behaveaccording to God’s will. God wants human beings to love one anotherand care for one another. I also view a human being as a highlycomplex machine that was made by God with a lot of abilities. When Ilook at what human beings have invented, I come to a conclusion thathuman beings are sleeping complex machines.


Atdeath, a person is usually transformed into a higher state. Afternatural death, the human soul is transformed into a higher statewhich I think is the heavenly state. When the physical body dies andis buried, the soul departs to the heaven, and it goes to itscreator. God is the giver of the human soul, and that is why afterdeath, He takes back the soul.


Itis possible to know anything at all because all individuals are madein the image of God who knows everything. Nothing is a mystery toGod, and this implies that people who are made in His own image mustbe all-knowing just like Him. Another reason why it is possible toknow anything at all is that of consciousness and rationality that isdeveloped under the contingencies of survival during the evolutionprocess.


Wecan know what is right or wrong because of two main reasons. Thefirst reason is that we are made in the image of God and Hischaracter is good. As a result, we can know what is right. Secondly,the right or wrong is determined by the choices people make dependingon what feels good (Sire, 2011).


Humanhistory is meaningful to us since it makes us realize the reason forGod to make a paradise on earth, and the reason why God prepared alife, where people live in a relationship with a holy and loving God.


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