My Personal Definition of Success essay

We always hear the word “success” in various inspirational stories. The term depicts the epitome of hardwork and patience in most of these stories. Success is a very relative concept. It means different things to different people. Some people perceive success as money and acquired assets and others have their own perception of success. Success is an achievement. It may mean conquering an endeavor. Success can be achieved in different ways but the means largely depend on which area you try to achieve success such as career, family or emotional.

Success took various forms in these areas. You may end up successful in your career but you are a failure in the aspect of family. Personally, I view success as a balance in life. In order to attain success, you need to devote equal attention on the different aspects of your life. You have time for your work, family and self. Balancing one’s attention in various aspects may be difficult but a fulfilling experience that you are a well-rounded man or woman. Success is also having satisfaction and contentment.

You feel successful when you can ask nothing more in your life and you like it the way it is. Improvement is always welcome but it comes as an endeavor and challenge to test your abilities. Contentment is having a balance life composed of overall satisfaction. Success is fulfillment when a person is able to integrate every aspect of his life such as faith, relationships, community life, work, recreation and lifestyle and for the purpose of striving to better in every life’s aspect.