My Mother is the Best in the World essay

My mother has had an extremely significant influence in my life and this has affected my personality. Allow me to narrate some of the most important once to you. First of all, when I was in elementary, my mom was still busy finishing her degree in college wherein she was taking up Business Administration. When I graduated from elementary and about to start high school, she enrolled in the university to finish her Master’s degree. By the time I am about to graduate from high school and begin my career in college, she has already finished her thesis, as well as, dissertation and she has already become a Ph. D. degree holder.

I saw how she studied very hard to finish the degrees aforementioned; she has always strived hard and consistently exerted extreme effort in her studies. Being a very good example, I also did very well in my studies, keeping high grades all the time, consequently becoming an honor student all my life as well. Through her I have learned to always give my best shot, to always perform the best way I can. Furthermore, I have learned the value of education through her as well.

Second, when I was much younger my mom would always bring me to the supermarket, along with the list of food, supplies, etc that needed to be bought. She would always tell me that it is wise to bring a list to the grocery to save time, energy, as well as, money. She reiterates, “Never trust your memory”, instead of going around forcing yourself to remember what else you need to pick up from the grocery and wasting time in the process, it is best to just bring along a list. This gave me a chance to teach myself to become organized.

From then on, I list things, not only for the supermarket, but for most anything I need. For instance, list of things that I need to accomplish, list of people I need to contact, list of books I would like to collect etc. This way nothing important is left out, forgotten, or unaccomplished. Third, my mother has always taught me the value of money. She would say that, “even if food is cheap in America, nobody has the right to throw away food; get only what you can eat or what you can finish, never get anything more than what you can eat”.

She would also say, “Before you purchase anything, ask yourself these questions: ‘Do I really need it? Is it worth the money? ’” This trait I have brought along as I grew. Nowadays, I am very economical. Before I go on to buy something, I would still look for ways to be able to acquire it without purchasing it. For example, if I need such a book in school, if I can find it in the library then I will just read it there, take down notes, or have it photocopied or have it borrowed and read at home. I usually exhaust all the ways before I possibly purchase something.

Even in dresses, for instance, if I would need a dress for a party, I would try to borrow from friends, or rent a gown or something, I would not have one designed just to wear it once and dispose it immediately after. I have really, without a doubt, turned out to be a very practical individual. Last but not least, my mother taught me the value of relationships. She showed me how to deal with parents, friends, and partners. She would always tell me that everything may be discussed or spoken about.

There is nothing that could not be fixed if discussed in peaceful manner and that the key to a good relationship is a consistent and proper communication. This is the reason why, even if I get a little angry at her or at my dad sometimes, I am still able to keep a smooth relationship with them because after any unpleasant occurrence, I always make it a point to speak to them about it. The same is true in the case of my best friend; we usually fight over trivial things but we do not end the day unless we’re okay again.

Of course, this I have also applied to my boyfriend, this is probably why we have been together for about three years now. Most important of all, she also taught me the importance of having a stable and consistent relationship with God. In fact I still remember how she looks into my eyes when I was still a little girl and repeating “Exodus 24:7” stating, “We will do everything the LORD has said; we will obey” (Gospel.. , 2007). God is at the center of my life and I do everything according to his will, motivation, and teachings.


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