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Musicconcert essay: Highlight Concert #3


Ihave had a great interest in studying music since I was a child. Thiswas motivated by the love of music that I had and the fact thatmusicians play a big role in the society. I therefore began attendingmusic concerts at a very tender age. However, I can attest that myexperience in attending classical music presently is very differentfrom the experience five years ago. The latest concert I attendedwas held at Sir James Dunn Theatre, 6101 University Ave. Halifax, NSon May 25th2016 at 7pm. When I entered the Theatre, I was so amazedby the design and planning of the room. With what appeared to be likean organ entrenched into the wall background and all the tinyelaborate designs entailed into the walls making the room breathtaking. For the first time, I felt like I was moving into the mind ofthe architect. Compared to other concerts that I had attended before,I was not expecting much apart from the norm. The orchestra consistedof various violinists, percussion and bass players, violists,pianists and cellists. Everybody who was in the orchestra was dressedin a professional way. Men were dressed in black and white tuxedoswhile ladies dressed in black dresses. Before the performancestarted, each instrumentalist tuned his or her instrument along withthe whole orchestra. Unlike all other concerts that I have everattended where the conductor would come and introduce himself and thepiece they were about to perform, here the conductor just turnedaround, bowed and they began playing. At first, the crew began byplaying “Duos for violin and double bass”, a piece composed byReinhold Gliere. The performers were Mark Djokic, who was theViolinist and David Murray in charge of the bass. The music was verysentimental and thrilling to listen to, a very good way to draw theattention of the congregation. The conductor was totally moved by theperformance. He expressed a lot of movement through body languagethat one could easily get the attention and the emotions of thepiece. The next piece to be played was, “Piano Quintet byDohnanyl”. This was my favorite for the evening very emotional andexciting considering that the performers were one of the best I haveever known. Violinists were Marc Djokic and Nelson Lee, the Violistwas Philippe Djokic, Celist was Denise Djokic and the piece wasaccompanied by a piano played by Lynn Stodola. The harmonicambiguity manifested in the performance was a clear proof of thecontemporary developments in music. For anybody studying music, therewas a lot to learn from this performance. I could easily relate whatI was hearing and seeing to what I had been taught in class. Thecomposition had most of the sensation attached to it compared toother performances during the concert. Lastly, after anumber of performances, the concert ended by the piece “Sonata in Bflat major composed by Schubert” performed by pianist Peter Allen.Although people were tired having been in the concert for almost onehour, the romantic nature of the piece motivated each one of us.Schubert is well known for his pieces that are full of beauty,emotional power and harmonic richness. The pianist performed as if hewas the real composer. He could easily expose all the movements inthe piece as well as their themes. At times you could feel an almostsomber melody turning around a central tone. The more he performedthe more we needed the concert to continue. Nevertheless, it had toclose at that point leaving behind a lot of memorable events alongwith great lessons.