Music Appreciation essay



Musicstudios are used to record music by artists, voice-over artists foradvertisements or to record accompanying musical sound tracks. Forsome time now producers often argue that there might be no showwithout a digital orchestra. This is clearly evident by the greatnumber of companies that have closed in recent years. The upcomingtechnology has greatly revolutionized our world. Due to this,musicians tend to focus on two aspects: fake music doesn’t sound asgood as real playlists and audiences demand five players. It’squite difficult to distinguish an amplified orchestra from a high endsample. For example the announcement that was made after the strikethat broke out in 1993 made it clear that there is a comparisonbetween generated music vs live performance (ElGamal, 2012).

Musicvideos, iPods, internet music sites have greatly affected the musicindustry. Technology has made it easier for fans to acquire freeonline music which is a great tragedy for artists.

Theimpact of American idol or the voice is that it has changed the waywe perceive shows on the television. They have made it possible forsomeone who has never performed outside of her bedroom to become ahousehold name. It feels like a glorified karaoke contest although itis one that has worked. However, it has brought a lot of ratingswhich becomes difficult for participants to easily succeed in theircareer. According to Eric Muller, he says that “besides the factthat it would be extremely unsportsmanlike, the producers would notallow it. Most importantly, why would a celebrity want to do that? Ifsomeone is already an established singer it would look foolishentering a singing competition where they would easily win.


ElGamal, A. (2012). The evolution of the music industry in thepost-internet era.