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UnitedStates is a multicultural country where music serves as a unifyingfactor to people from all walks of life. It is worth noting that,there has been the development of a unique music culture in the USthrough cultural integration, thus making the country to be a rolemodel to many others across the globe. For instance, the emergence ofChinese American pop music through artists such as Jin (Au Yeung) hasmade a distinction as far as American music is concerned. Based onthis, the US is able to fully take the advantages arising from theconcept of globalization, not only in the field of music but also inother notable sectors. Further, songs from African American artistshave also shaped the music culture in the US in a great way. Therefore, the unique multi-cultural perspective is key in developinga distinct music culture in the US.

Oneof the songs using the element of other cultures, thus indicating theaspect of globalization is that of Pitbull and Jennifer Lopezcomposed for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The song indicatesthe multi-cultural nature of the participants in the tournament. Itsperformance in the world cup was appealing to all nationalities ageand races together, and achieved its target of unity to the playersas well as the fans over the world. The lyrics and the performance ofthe song embrace the song’s theme in a multicultural world.

Inconclusion, it is worth noting that music culture in the US issignificantly changing. This is based on the ability of the countryto blend its culture with those from outside, thus creating asustainable society.


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