Music Appreciation essay


Itis true that music can help save the world especially if it involvessome religious and patriotic messages. Music is very powerful, andits power has inspired people to be the best they would like to beand put aside what is considered immoral. In fact, many peoplebelieve that music is the language of the soul that will enablehumankind to stand above all the evil activities that are takingplace in the world and are harmful to individuals in one way or theother. Music will as well help shape the new ideas we learn and howthey should be taught to the children so that they will grow up in arespectable manner. Music teaches and conveys messages that help suchchildren emulate outstanding values from the society.

Theworld is facing crisis in the normal life circumstances and thefuture depends on the approaches that we take to solve such crisis.It is worthy saying that music is based on given standards thatensures that one can learn something from it. Music is one of theways through which human beings express themselves and the disciplinein which music is constructed gives life a meaning, and this is thebasis of saving the world from ill behaviors and selfishness.

Theclass was very interesting since the start of the semester up to thelast lesson and I strongly believe that there is a reason why eachand every one of us in this class should appreciate music in aspecial way. Every person who participates in music should ensurethat such participation is for the good of the world as a whole.

Finally,I would wish to pass my appreciation to the entire class especially,to our lecturer for the hard work and dedication that he portrayed toall of us. It is my hope that we will have another chance to interactin the future.