Music and Christ essay

Music has long been used as a major source of entertainment by the many human generations passed the human history. It is undeniable then that music is one fine way by which humans are able to show how much they feel about something. This has been particularly applied in action especially with regards religious accounts that depict the life of Christians in connection with the principles of Christ. Undeniably, through the years, as the human generations developed further to [supposed] better individuals of the modern life, the culture of music also developed along side.

Today, the classical approach of music is still used, however, the emergence of other types of approaches in the field of music has changed through the years and now welcome a far larger variety of arrangements of music that that of the past years. Within these musical arrangements, Jesus has been among the “favorite’ topics or themes of presentation. His life, his being, his principles and his personality has been depicted in so many ways ever since the beginning of music. Today, the music that mostly discusses about Christ and Christianity alike is further known as Contemporary Christian Music.

“Contemporary” as the word itself suggests, is an approach to music that is much more modern that the classical approach of the past generations of musical arrangements. Obviously, the approach today tries to suit the taste of the new generation. Mostly, these approaches to music include that of the rap and the rock musical arrangements. These arrangements are considered to be the less-safe approach to presenting the being of Christ who is considered as a holy personality in the society today by most religious individuals.

How is this cultural change in musical approach a depiction of the new idea of the humans with regards the existence of the Christ? How well does the contemporary music presentation show the reality behind who Jesus really is? Are the lines of the songs close enough to what the Christians particularly believe in when they are talking about Jesus in their own churches? These questions are to be used as the guidelines of the discussion that follows herein. The Pro-Christ Music Pro-Christ music is naturally those that are noted for the theme that they are portraying in their music.

Most likely, the aim of such music arrangements is to naturally bring into the senses of the human generation at present the importance of putting Christ back to their lives as individuals living in this worldly system of things. Undeniably, these types of musical arrangements undergo a particular assessment as to how they represent the Christ as a person who aims to gain closeness to his followers on earth. Obviously, this approach of presenting Christ in music is more on the positive side of the different aspects of showing who Christ is in reality.

Most often than not, these approaches also use the different musical arrangements only that they are more concerned in encouraging people back to the assistance of the Christ in their lives. This is the primary reason behind the production of such music arrangements that are now even presented as particular subjects of commercial offerings to by recording companies to the public today. According to one particular report about the issue, various organizations in Christendom are going to nearly desperate lengths in their efforts to lure young people into acquiring some knowledge of the Bible.

For instance, the American Bible Society has produced a video version of the account at Mark 5:1-20 about Jesus’ healing a demon-possessed man. The Miami Herald of Florida reports that the style is that of a music video, with scenes edited into fast-moving snippets. One version is set to rap music, another to chants. Jesus is portrayed in T-shirt and jacket as he engages in hand-to-hand combat on a fire escape with a demon-possessed man who drools and wears a baseball cap.

Another music video, called Resurrection Rap, reportedly shows Jesus as the leader of a street gang! The desperation of the religious groups in attracting the young generation back to the Christian belief has actually lead them to different procedures of affecting the lives of the youth to the point of actually depicting Christ as one that is mostly involved in the regular things that the youth are involved with today such as gangs and other youth organizations. Obviously, these music presentations are particular exaggerations of the truth.

At some point, some churches even view these particular music videos and arrangements as mere mockery of who the true Christ really is. These are only among the desperate measures by which the music industry today is being used as measure of bringing Christ back to the senses of the people at present. Undeniably, the effects of Christ’s teachings to the people today is less likely cared about by human individuals primarily because of being preoccupied with the [supposed] more important things in their lives.

Music, as mentioned earlier is a form of entertainment that most people today appreciate. This is the primary reason why the production of contemporary Christian Music is presented in different genres that would possibly fit the taste of the listeners depending on what personality they have. However, the question is, how effective is this approach of encouragement on the part of the religious groups primarily promoting them?