Multicultural Perspectives essay

Up to this date, the traces of racial discrimination, dominance and exploitation are still apparent. Since time immemorial, both men and women have experienced how it is to be discriminated by sole reasons of differences in color, political ideologies, religious background, education and even social status and class. The very essence of unfair treatment and discrimination to both and women is the existence of superior and inferior class standing.

Imagine a place wherein one is given all the privileges there are to offer while the other is not given much opportunity because of their color difference. It may sound unfair but that is one rude reality that is being faced by the society in all parts of the world. But then, it has been very apparent that in the olden times the discrimination is being experienced only by the African-American whose color is black as compared to the white Americans. However, in the present days, the issue of discrimination is not just based on the color of skin but also on gender.

As per the records today, women are being exploited and discriminated in their own places of work especially when they are working overseas or in a foreign land. More often than not, African-Americans are facing more discrimination in their workplace as compared to White American sand the driving force behind this is the difference in racial orientation. The society has thought that Whites can do better as compared to African-Americans especially when the world has envisioned them to stay in their homes and take care of their husbands or wives and children.

They are not for the market place but are created to be in their houses and do household chores. Moreover, African women are also being discriminated and exploited in such a way that those who belong to third-world countries are inferior as compared to women from the European countries or any countries belonging in the first-world. Body African women, according to Teresa Amott and Julie Mattahaei, have been stereotyped as lesser gender (284). This has been supported by studies wherein races are divided into various groups based on their class and genes.

It is but of great discrimination when African men and women are considered less intelligent as compared to White Americans simply because their skin color is black. People from the third-world countries are perceived to have acquired low quality of education or is lacking thereof. This is the primary reason why they can only afford jobs that the Americans or any other race would not want to do. For example, in many countries, they employ Filipino workers to as their domestic helpers or caregivers or cleaner without any room for promotions or growth from the company.

Also, when there are high paying jobs that are afforded to foreign workers such as nurses or doctors, if foreign women workers from third-world countries will apply simultaneously with European women it can be assured that the Europeans will get the job. As stated in the article of Chandra Talpade Mohanty entitled “Women Workers and Capitalist Scripts: Ideologies of Domination, Common Interests, and the Politics of Solidarity, African-American women are experiencing unfair treatment with regard to their employment in foreign lands (286).

Hence, this has only proven the reality that African-Americans can be treated unfairly just because they have a different color of skin and racial background. It is a known fact that the third-world countries are apparently poor. Because of the differences in races and backgrounds among the African-Americans and the Americans they are not being given enough privileges to explore different opportunities that the world has to offer. They are not being given any chance to pursue education and to graduate with flying colors.

But then again, it is good to note that even if African-Americans are not being treated fairly, they can still acquire their position in the society. It can be seen nowadays that despite the apparent discrimination, the number of men and women of Black skin color succeeding in their fields is increasing rapidly. Such success was attained because of proper organization. It is right to say that collective effort will eventually result to gaining more power than individually. If women cannot make it to the top or to achieve fair treatment individually, organizing a group of people with same agenda and endeavor will result to achieving the goal.

As the old saying goes “two heads are better than one”, African-Americans can work together united with the same purpose to promote equal treatment among men. Also, it has to be understood that being a woman does not connote less human rights. To put it simply, a woman of white skin color is of no difference to the ones who have black skin color. They are all one and the same in terms of womanhood, manhood, human rights and treatment. It was only the society’s orientation that makes one different from another. Conclusion

With all the foregoing, it can be seen that it is true that African-Americans are being discriminated from their co-human. However, such discrimination is the apparent result only of the society’s orientation. It must be remembered that works and labor tasks and responsibilities are not dependent on the gender roles neither on skin colors being played but rather on the abilities and capabilities to execute the given tasks. It is good to state, on the other hand, that there have been successes and transformation in the society in terms of work.

By this, African-Americans are being given greater opportunity to prove themselves despite the strong discrimination and competition in the market place. And they are being allowed to soar high like what the new American President had experienced in the recent election.


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