Movie Response essay


The movie Frida is a dramatic film that portrays theprofessional as well as private life of Frida Kahlo, a Mexicanpainter. Frida starts with the painter’s life prior to thetraumatic accident and progresses with a step by step portrayal ofher life after the accident. In the following discussion, the paperresponds to the movie with the objective of demonstrating how Frida’slife influenced her art.

Based on the movie, it is apparent that the distressing physical aswell as psychological happenings in Frida’s childhood shaped herwork. In addition, were the events in her early adulthood, thisincluded the accident that resulted in her inability to walk and herhusband’s infidelity. Frida is involved in an accident, whichresults in severe injury to her back and pelvis. She later becomesentangled with Rivera, who is a recognized artists and older than herby 21 years. The movie presents their relationship as onecharacterized by infidelity.

The influence of these events in her life is apparent in Frida’spaintings, which were emotionally raw as well as visually disturbing.Most of the paintings were self-portraits that frequently depict theartist’s suffering. The dramatic pictures are included in themovie. For instance, after the bus incident, what follows is anunnatural animated sequence that comprises of an iconography ofskeletons and body parts that are broken. The scene is derived fromFrida’s painting and represents her brokenness due to the physicaland emotional stress she experiences as she can no longer walk.

Frida portrays a female character that struggled with theissue of national identity. She came from a mixed ancestry of aGerman and Mexican. This provided a rich source of focus for herpaintings. From the film, we learn that her husband was also adevoted artist. The husband’s work centered on the theme ofnationalism. His influence in addition to her position as a Mexicanwoman is evident in Frida’s art because her paintings also featuredcombined issues relating to national identity.

The movie perfectly narrates to the viewers Frida’s life. Using thedifferent happenings in Frida, it is possible to analyze howher famous painting is influenced by her life. “The Two Fridas”is among the painters most famous artwork. It symbolizes her pain asshe dealt with her divorce. It also symbolizes her changingconstructed identity. The painting, just as the name suggestscomprises of two females, who represent Frida.

The Frida on the right is painted wearing contemporary Europeanclothing, which is the clothing she wore before she became marriageto Rivera. All through their union, Rivera depicts a great sense ofnationalism, which interests Frida. As a result, she exploredtraditional Mexican lifestyle, like their way of dressing. This isapparent in the Frida painted on the left where she appears moreMexican.

Apart from the “Fridas” attire, another important aspect is thestormy background and bleeding heart. They have been included in thepainting to symbolize her physical and emotional pain. The bleedingheart refers to her pain after separating from Rivera. The stormybackground referring to the many storms she has encountered allthrough her life. In conclusion, the movie is interesting to watch.It enhances understanding on Frida’s choice of work throughproducing her life into a film.

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