Movie Analysis of the Matrix essay

The movie Matrix was a trilogy science fiction-martial arts-action film that was first released in the year 1999. The film was written by a multi-talented screenwriter and was directed by the brothers in the entire American Movie industry namely Larry and Andy Wachowski or better as “The Wachowski Brothers.

” The well known sci-fi trilogy also stars a list of all time great Hollywood actors and actresses headed by Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne who has played as the leading characters in the movie as “Neo” (a computer programmer who has left his life solving the mystery behind the Matrix) and “Morpheus” (the leader of a mysterious group that neo has later joined).

Together with them were Joe Pantoliano (Cypher), Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith – the villain) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) who were all equally responsible for the prestigious and sensational outcome of the movie that has captured as well as satisfy the standards of the ever-changing taste of the movie viewers. The Matrix was first released in the year 1999 on the 31st day in March. For its debut, the movie is already named as the greatest of all films in its kind.

In the flow of the movie, the sequence of event is seen to be a depiction of nuisance, conflict and struggle wherein the picture about the battle of supremacy between the machines and the humans were widely evident. Likewise, the film also encloses numerous positions with regard to hacker subcultures, cyberpunk, religious ideas and philosophical aspect. Certainly, the tools that were being used in movie making were seen to matter in the most positive way in order to depict the theme and rendered the needed emotions in every scene in the movie.

For instance, for a movie like “The Matrix” wherein most of the scenes and the sequence of events were pictures of battle and struggle between two different parties which entails two different goals and aims, the consistent flow of speed and transitions from frame to frame that were done in the editing was seen to be effectively managed by the editors of the movie wherein motion and progress of events in the movie was able to sustain consistency. On the other hand, the lighting on the movie was also seen as reliable and a critical factor that was used by the makers of the movie in supplying the needed emotions and clarity in the movie.

For instance, most of the scenes in the movie have happened indoor or in closed doors, the lighting of the movie was seen to be effective such that it supplies the needed emotions and clarity in terms of the movements of the characters and renders lucidity to show the facial expressions of the artists, more especially in those scenes that were intense and emotional. For the scenes wherein the energy was high, the movie uses high beam lighting in order to sustain and render liveliness as per the requirement of the particular event in the movie.

While for the scenes that have happened indoor and during the night, the low key lighting was used strategically to render certain details in the scene such as clarity of the progress of events and precision in terms of the facial expression of the artists. Likewise, the camera angles have also done a special part in depicting the theme and the actual occurrences in every scene. The camera angles for the movie were seen to be properly managed through exact directions wherein each shot was strategically situated according to the blockings of the main characters in the scene.

Thus, camera angles have worked well in depicting the theme of every specific scene as well as for the entire movie as the shots were accurate in capturing these. In the end, it can be said that “The Matrix,” as already regarded to be the greatest of all in its kind, was indeed a film that was worth watching wherein the directors and the filmmakers were seen to have done a great job in utilizing the tools in making a movie in order to depict and render details to theme of the film. Works Cited The Matrix – 1999. IMDb. com, Inc. 28 November 2008 < http://www. imdb. com/title/tt0133093/