Most prevalent health issues essay

Most prevalent health issues

Mostprevalent health issues

Communityhealth and poverty eradication program

Thereare several serious prevalent health issues in our community todayhowever, the concern of this community health and nutrition programis on poverty. Poverty is a community health concern as it can easilybe linked to poor health among communities. For example, most of theinfectious and tropical illnesses mostly kill and weaken the poor andthe vulnerable individuals in the society (CDC, 1995 b).

Toassess the need for community health and poverty eradication program,I will develop a plan that will help assess the community needs, andthe available resources that can be useful for change-makers in thecommunity devise an effective means of improving the community. Iwill try to access updated government statistics like census and datafrom public health to help understand the kind of lifestyle people inthe community live. I will also review data from the centers forDisease control, national Institutes of Health, and the department ofhealth and human services. In my reviews, I will also consider countyhealth rankings to get health related ranking for my targetcommunity. I will also review researches by local universities, inthe area, concerning health issues and poverty levels (CDC, 1995 b).In addition, I will also look at some important community levelindicators like the number and reasons for clinic visits in the area,the available number of places the community can buy fresh produceetc.

Afteridentifying the target community, the next task will be to determinethe target audience and here I will try to reach women and children,while taking into considerations the poor and the less healthymembers of the community. The goal of this program will be to “Endall forms of poverty in the community” with the following threeobjectives to eradicate extreme poverty for all the people in thecommunity, to reduce the total number of people living in poverty byat least half, and to implement a nationally suitable social healthsystem and mechanisms for all the people. After developing theprogram I will want to see that most people in the community are safefrom health problems that are caused by poverty. The outcome afterimplementing the program will be improvement in the health of thepeople, meaning better living standards (United Nations, 2004). Thepurpose for developing goal and objectives for this program will beto let the target population know that the program is meant to changetheir lives positively so that they can help in facilitatingimplementation of the program by providing relevant information.

Inorder to get people in the community to support my proposal, I willexplain to the target population the purpose of my proposal and howit will help benefit the community. I will use a participatory formto guarantee that the target people participate in finding thedifficulties they face concerning health that are as a result ofpoverty in the community. In the process, I will also be able to getsome well wishers to help in the implementation of the program.

Tomarket the program in my community, I will use a personal approachwhereby I will organize people in my planning team from differentplaces of the community to reach as many households as possible withthe plans and aims of the project (CDC, 1995 b).

Duringimplementation of the program, I will develop mechanisms that willenable majority of people in the community to access sustainablelivelihoods, productive resources and entrepreneurial opportunities(United Nations, 2004). I will also include activities such as theprovision of universal access to social amenities in the community,develop a community support system to help assist those who cannotsupport themselves, empower individuals living in poverty above all Iwill also intensify the community to cooperate in order eradicatepoverty.

Toanalyze the success of the program, I will gather feedback on theaccess to sustainable livelihoods, productive means andentrepreneurial opportunities to the community, the number of peoplewho can access social amenities in the community, whether the supportsystem reached majority, and how living standards have changed afterthe intensification. Accurate feedback is very critical to ensure thesuccess of the program because the same program can be useful toother groups facing the same poverty related health issues (UnitedNations, 2004). I will use a personal approach when collectingfeedback data where the same individuals who helped in the marketingof the program will be used to get responses from the people on theusefulness of the program.


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