Modern world essay

Interracial relations is an important problem of our modern world. People from all over the world differ much. They have different skin-color, different religion, often they speak different languages. But can’t we just connive at it and just talk to them with ease? Running everyday into interracial problems experts often ask themselves about how effective using a compulsion system of actions in interracial relations is. But in our days more and more experts think that it can be solved by repressive actions only, I mean law. The USA is a multinational country.

There you can find people from almost all nationalities and races but if you look at the history book you will find out how difficult it was just to live together and have equal rights. There were many conflicts and disputes on this subject. And it took much time to take the law about it. Have you ever thought that the main reason for the war is interracial conflicts? You won’t go far to get an example: the USA and Iraq, wars in Yugoslavia, the awful fascist ideology. Two thousand years ago Platon said: “Only corpses saw the end of the wars”. Was he right? It’s a question for everybody!

Each of us must understand peculiarity of every race and accept them as they are. Another very important part of the problem is a biracial marriage. Have you ever think that you can marry somebody of another race? But there are some official information that the number of interracial couples increased in period from 1960’s to 1998. It especially touches Black and White relations. But anyway there are some prejudices about it. For example Black and White relationships have always been the least accepted and have received less support than other types of biracial relationships. I think such a problem should be well-explored.

Everything starts from college. There are now people of all races. And there is a nice opportunity to understand psychology of biracial relations. The more individuals enters biracial relations the better chances we have to learn more about it. By the way statistic showed that 49,6% of students are opened to interracial relations. And another thing is that most of them did not find significant differences in sex or university rank between those who were open to interracial involvement and those who were not.

And it was also found that Blacks were twice as likely as Whites (83% vs. 43%) to report that they were open to involvement in an interracial relationship. In our days many things that were forbidden are welcomed now. Many years ago parents tried to find the best match for his child. They tried to find a person from the rich and famous family. Preference was showed to the person who had the highest social status. Biracial marriage was impossible. Do you know that there were some laws against interracial marriages in 1961? Government tried to prevent whites from married people of other nationalities and races. And then as you can guess such laws were declared unconstitutional.

It helped many people to be together. So the number of interracial marriages increased. But what is the cause of the increase of interracial relationships? As you can guess, it’s immigration. Immigration increased chances of meeting people of different backgrounds. People got an excellent opportunity to date with foreigners and to feel free. Interracial romantic relationships may still be faced with adversity, however they are becoming more commonplace everyday. Our God made us all equal and individual at the same time. I can’t understand why people of one race think that they are the best and why they start to oppress others.

It looks like a nationalistic ideology. Don’t you think so? We live in the modern world but we still have such problems. we needed more that two thousand years to start to understand that we’re wrong. Political, religious, cultural differences break our world into many small and weak parts. People are trying to improve the situation and we can only hope that one day every person will understand that religion should connect all backgrounds and make them live in peace. So many people died in wars, so many mothers and wives are crying because they had lost their sons and husbands.

People from all nationalities and races cry, laugh, smile, love and hate in the same way. So why can’t different people love each other? Why can’t they just meet and be together? Why do we need so many wars? Two people meet each other, they love each other, they have lovely children who, by the way, must have all rights. Why do people always try to check whether they are shivering creatures or have some special rights? I’m convinced that each of us should find an answer in himself. Be good to others and they will be good to you. Judge not that you be not judged.