Mind and spirit essay

They say experience is the great teacher. People learn through the experiences they go through with their lives. Some learn their lessons through a hard experience while others do not. Our experiences may vary because we are all unique individuals but there is one thing in common about our experiences, we all learn from it no matter how dramatic or tragic changes it may bring in us. I am a Mexican Buckeye. When I was still in Texas, I am always struggling to act like a Mexican.

It was really hard for me trying to please those around me. Whenever I make a move or do something, I always do it tiptoe fearing that they might not like me. But I was just blessed enough not to experience that forever. I moved to Ohio with my husband Joe at the ripe age of twenty. From the moment I stepped foot on Ohio soil I felt free. Free to be myself instead of trying to be a Mexican in Texas. Having the freedom to be myself has allowed me to grow in mind and spirit.

In Ohio I didn’t have to worry that my actions may be considered to white. Therefore my mind was free to grow, which in turn lifted my spirit. Moving in Ohio really made a great difference in my life. The sense of liberty that I have in Ohio was just very overwhelming. It is the perfect place for me to spread my wings and be free. Free to be me without any pressures at all. In Ohio I got to focus in serving my family as well as pleasing them.

The experiences I had in Texas and in Ohio really made dramatic changes in me. It brought great opportunity for me as well as for my family. Those experiences made me realize the great importance of freedom and liberty; it made me cherish my freedom more than anything else. Being ourselves makes a great difference with our relationship with the community. It feels so good to be just you and not wearing masks at all and not being a pretender just to please the people around you.