Midsummer`s Night Dream essay

Midsummer’s Night Dream

Midsummer’s Night Dream is a comedy that was written byWilliam Shakespeare regarding the wedding of two young Athenianlovers namely Theseus and Hyppolyta. Additionally, the story includessix amateur actors known as the mechanicals. Such characters areunder the control of fairies (Kennedy&amp Dana 14). This is regardedas one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays because of the number oftimes it has been performed across the world. This paper willidentify and extensively analyze a theme in the game. Additionally,the paper will identify other factors such as the characters,settings, symbols, title, and narrative perspective.

One theme that features prominently in this play is love. Accordingto some analysts, Shakespeare’s exhibited the dark side of love inthis literary piece. The fairies make light of love in various waysin the play. To begin with, they mistake the lovers and worse stillmakes Tatiana fall in love with an ass by applying a love portion toher eyes. Most of the actions in the play are based in the forest. Inthe latter parts of the play, the author indicates that love has won(Kennedy&amp Dana 17). This is exhibited by the happy marriage ofHippolyta and Theseus as they watch the story of the unfortunatelovers.

The play is primarily set in the forest and has several charactersclassified as Athenians and the fairies. The former include Theseus,Hippolyta, Philostrate, Hermia, and Egeus (Kennedy&amp Dana 3).Other Athenians include Helena and Lysander. On the other hand, thefairies are Oberon, Tatiana, and Moth among others. The play alsoexhibits various symbols such as the love portion that is made from aflower stuck from cupids missed arrow, and the craftsmen play(Kennedy&amp Dana 21), that involves a play-within-a-play in thefifth Act.

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