Microsoft excel essay

Education is an essential part of a country. To some people completing high school does not ensure them a successful life. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement. In our modern society, education is very important with every country. Compulsory education from primary to high education is compelled with all people. Nowadays, many people want to study higher school after finishing at high school to learn more skills. I think it is a good idea because high school just provides us with basic skills and it is not enough for us to ensure a good life in the future.

For all people, graduating high school is an essential because it helps us to acquire basic knowledge in life such as numeracy and literacy. However, these knowledge are not enough for us to solve jobs in the best way. Today, people invented many new technology which help people have a better life but also demand people have to have high standard and knowledge to control them. For example computer these days becomes more popular and it is gradually a part of our life.

To work with computer people need to learn more skills to use it such as internet, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, etc. I can take another example such as business. Economy develops with a quick speed. Hence, it requires a lot of new skills such as good second language, fluent computer, good communication, working in group, etc… So, studying high school will provide us with more new skills to work better. Furthermore, our modern life today demand people to have a high standard so finishing high school cannot enough for us to have a good job.

If people just finish high school they will work with jobs such as worker, farmer, etc… These jobs are often hard and low income. Thus, to most people, high school cannot ensure them have a good life. So, requirement of studying higher education is developing faster and faster. To sum up, high school is an essential for all people but also not enough for us to live in modern life nowadays. I think every people need to study more and more to improve ourselves. It will help us have a wide knowledge and successful life.