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The document on Mexican war can get used as asource of historical evidence since it presents some information thathappened many years back. For instance, it presents a case of thestruggle for democracy in Iraq. The case details dates back to theyear 1949 and explains all the events that took place during the sameperiod.

The document, “” presents itsarguments up to the year 2005. The document acts as historical paperevidence since it present issues on main events that took place inthe past such as the world wars. When the various references andcitations that get shown in the document get analyzed, they date backten to twenty years. Therefore, the document qualifies to get used asthe historical evidence.

The document is a reliable historical source sinceit supports its arguments with facts. The facts get presented interms of citations where the information used in the documents isshown. In addition, it quotes the exact words that got said by thedifferent characters in the document. One of the highly quotedcharacters is President Polk. The document applies a variety ofsources with an aim of supporting its evidence. In fact, it uses theinformation from the United States magazine as well as its review toprovide concrete evidence on the various political issues that tookplace at the time.

Another aspect that supports the accuracy of thedocument is its citation strategies. The citation strategies getemployed are the emphasis on the month and the year of publication aswell as expression of the level of accuracy.

There are some of the factors that make anindividual suspicious on the accuracy of the document. One of thefactors is that the material that gets presented as “Mexican War”but looking at it, it tends to employ other information that does notrelate directly to the Mexican war. One may think that it tries toavoid speaking about the Mexican war. The main reason is that itdwells mostly on political issues that do not affect the Mexicanregion. It shows details that happened in regions outside the Mexicanterritory such as United States and Iraq. In addition, it lacks aclear flow of information since it portrays some aspects of a mixtureof many events that end up confusing the reader.

The document shows some dialogue between thepresident and a citizen but it fails to state the real names of thecitizen who gets engaged in the conversation. Such aspect ofanonymity makes the document get viewed as fictions. Some of thesources that can get used to amplify or negates what the author ofthe paper on Mexican war presents include journals that presenthistory of the world as well as that of the world wars. The use ofinformation that gets stored in the government archives might play animperative role in providing concrete information that producesenough evidence which opposes the writer’s work.

Moreover, some websites and magazines onhistorical data can get used to provide more evidence on theinformation that gets presented by the author of the document. If theindividual who participated or witnessed the events that took placeduring the world wars are accessible they can provide informationthat will either support or contradict the writers’ work.

The history of the events that took place duringthe world wars can get leant from the document. In addition, thevarious political mishaps that existed in the past also get shown inthe document as well as their importance and effects to the democracyand world leadership. The view of the members of the publicconcerning the world wars and their ramification get shown in thedocument. The various domains of power that exist in the Americaspolitical hierarchy as well as their influence on world`s decisionsare other issues get demonstrated in the document.

From the report, I liked the fact that itpresented its information with evidence since it quoted some of thewriters as well as the years of publications of the materials wherethe information got obtained. I also liked how the author employed averity of sources as the basis of his information. Such stepsenhanced the originality of the presented information. What I did notlike about the document is the title of the paper. The main reason isthat information that gets obtained from the paper does not correlatewith the title. Despite the above demerits, I learnt about some ofthe issues concerning the political powers and the effects of thewars especially on the political aspects. The main concept majored onthe influences of such events as well as the various jurisdictions ofauthority in the world.

Finally, I recommend the document to every historystudent who desire to learn about the historical events that tookplace some years back. The document is full of events that provideinformation that has direct contribution to the body of knowledge inhistory. In addition, the events get presented in a clear manner thateases the ability to understand what the author writes.


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