TheWar with Mexico &amp Manifest Destiny

The document qualifies to be employed for use as a source ofhistorical evidence in various ways. It adds knowledge to thehistorical facts that exist regarding the issue of the American andMexican war. Notably, it states the reasons that led to PresidentPolk to opt to go to war with Mexico1.

The reliability depends on the nature and manner that the informationhas been presented. Further, the document draws from sentiments givenby different scholars regarding the war. For example, it citesinformation written in the newspaper by editors like John O’Sullivanmaking it a reliable source. Also, the role of Congress has beenstated regarding the concept of going to war with the Mexicans.

The document states the role of the public and the opinion they hadregarding the decision to go to war. It would not be logical to agreewith the document because the public is cited to have contributed todecision-making regarding the war.

Sources applicable for use in amplifying the content are thehistorical books, journals and contributions by scholars.Particularly, there are those that elaborate the role of Congresswhen it came to the concept of the war. Getting archived informationfrom Congress could help in amplifying the information.

The document has significant takeaways. Particular, one would learnwhy present day California State belongs to the United States. Also,there is the animosity that exists between the Mexicans and Americanswitnessed today that can be explained by the document.

I like the paper because it reveals the aspects of the Mexican warand the issues revolving around the same. However, it does not givethe Mexican perspective about the war.


The concept of Manifest Destiny identified the need by the Americangovernment to expand its territories. The variation in understandingof the term emanated from the fact that it did not clearly articulatethe rationale behind the need for America to engage in the conquestactivities of other nations as was done by England or France2.The term was against the war since historians viewed it as an excuseto participate in a war that was not justified. America could nothave gone to war because of the repercussions that resulted from thesame. Manifest Destiny presents ideas against the annexation ofMexico due to the need to respect the country as a sovereign state.Similar ideas work for Iraq since the public opinion was that the warwas not necessary.

JohnO`Sullivan, &quotAnnexation,&quot United States Magazineand Democratic Review 17, no.1 (July-August 1845): 5-10

The article is applicable for use as a historical source because ithas information regarding the acquisition of Texas and possibility ofturning it into a union3.Particularly, there is the aspect of Texas being part of the UnitedStates and need to embrace it.

The document is reliable since it points to dimensions of the Mexicanwar. The editor John O’Sullivan is successful in elucidating theissues of the war. It uses examples of countries such as England andFrance who are in a similar state to elaborate the issue with theUnited States.

The sentiments presented are suspect since much of the information isbased on an opinion. The editorial does not incorporate scholarlyideas making the information submitted suspicious and lacks backingfrom literature.

Historical documents are essential in ensuring that the author addsvalue to the information that has been tabled. For example, theauthor could have employed the use of scholarly articles such as thepeer-reviewed articles to support the information submitted.

The document is essential for the perspective it gives regarding theconcept of Americans and how they handled the affair ofinternational. The position taken by the author serves to shed lighton the overall concept of how the country dealt with its neighbors onvarious aspects. The American government has been determined not tohave a sense of concern for the sovereignty of other nations asdepicted by how it related with the Mexican government.

The paper sheds light on the need for nations to adhere to theconcept of sovereignty. I like it that America is being urged toreconsider their stance and instead respect the fact that countriessuch as Mexico are independent and need be treated as one.

Addressto the U.S. Senate

The document applies to be used as a historical paper as it remindsthe Americans the need to act in a patriotic way. It was an Americandream for individuals to work in ways that depict patriotism.Further, it explains why America has been instrumental in vouchingfor civilization.

The document is accurate since it reflects information written to theSenate addressing contemporary issues that were affecting theAmericans.

The document isan indication of personal thoughts. The author addresses the Senateon matters he perceives essential.

The source appropriate to counter statement written by the authorcould be historical concerning the responses toward arguments offeredby the author.

The document serves to remind of the need for Americans to embracecourage and brevity as that is what their culture is founded. One canembrace the idea of acting in the right way as per the Americandream. For example the author states

To establish a new order in human affairs-to set free, theenslaved-“

The piece of work is of significance based on the sentiments ithighlights. In addressing the Senate, the author insists onacknowledging efforts of the country in ensuring peace and unity forits citizens and the need to stick by the same.

Speechto the United States Senate

The paper applies to be implemented as a historical source in variousways. It explains the reasoning behind the lack of justification ofAmericans to engage in war. It emphasizes the need for America not toparticipate in the war with the Mexicans because of the efforts thatresult.

The document is a reliable source since it translates the speech thatwas given to the Senate by John Calhoun on the situation of theMexican war. It is accurate since the author emphasizes on why it wasnot prudent for America to engage with Mexico in a war.

The document relates to an opinion making one to doubt itscredibility.

Sources to amplify the document could be information found in theSenate proceedings that have been recorded at the time o giving theSpeech.

The paper explains why deciding to engage with Mexico in a war maynot have been an appropriate strategy much as the American soldiersdid a commendable job.

The document serves to criticize the decision to engage in the warbut fails to provide alternatives into the issue. However, it isbeneficial that it addresses the contemporary aspects that ought tohave been considered before engaging in the war.

TheStruggle for Democracy in Iraq: Speech to the World Affairs Councilof Philadelphia

The document serves as a historical evidence since it explains theefforts by the American government to restore democracy in Iraq.Through the speech, by former President Bush, one relates tomilestones achieved by Iraq in the quest for achieving democracy.

It is reliable considering the authoritative aspect of which it isgiven. President Bush provided the speech regarding the war in Iraq.

The document is not suspect since the President elaborates the actualhappenings of the United States efforts to deal with the situation inIraq.

Sources that can be employed to counter the sentiments could includethe opposing opinions about the deployment of American troops toIraq.

The document illustrates the reasoning behind the war in Iraq and theeffects aimed to be achieved after the war.

The work is efficient in explaining why the war in Iraq took placeand the consequences of the same. It serves to add information tohistorical facts regarding the war in Iraq.

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