Memoir Essay essay

It was a sunny day and I was gathering my thoughts that what should I be in the future. Most people try conventional things that they want to become a doctor, engineer etc. I wished to be an aspiring entrepreneur but the question aroused that what should I be? My Mom and Dad both left me when I was very young and their death was one of the disastrous incidents of my life. I was wondering alone that what would be my fate and how could I face the harsh realities of life. My sister was totally dependent on me and her upbringing was lying on my shoulders. I decided to take a proactive approach and started a business of my own.

I am impressed by personalities like Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and Bill gates. I studied their life and their transformational phase of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I decided to become an entrepreneur and started teaching the students of high school. Although that’s not a formal source of business but I am getting an ample amount of return in it. I am teaching students of management, accounting and human resource management and a huge number of people are getting enrolled in my program. My work load is getting tougher and tougher because I am studying as well as teaching but in the end I am getting the desires results.

My aim of becoming an entrepreneur is becoming a reality and I am leading my family and taking care of them. My friends, family and my sister are pleased on my success and I am planning to implement the expansion strategy. I currently have 20 students of high school and it’s expected that more students will get enrolled in this program. I offer recreational services at my place to students that are coming to study and motivate them by offering gifts to those students who secure good grades in their exams. Because of my success I am planning to expand my business and opening new campuses of my training center.

I am planning to offer services like consultancy to students. This consultancy would involve trainings, development of future plan for the students and academic research. The next step would be reaching new heights and setting goals for the business I have started. I would like to integrate studies with practical vision and would definitely like to implement strategies that would develop an understanding of the corporate world. I am planning to expand my business in such a way that I would start corporate trainings. People might think that these aspirations are huge and fulfilling them is near to impossible.

But, I believe in myself and follow a simple strategy that if you posses proactive approach and a desire to win then you can achieve anything you want. My dreams are huge and they might be very difficult to achieve but just dreaming won’t give you results and you have to work very hard to achieve what you want to be in your life. When I evaluated my entire life this beautiful quote Wendy Wasserstein came to my mind “Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable” (Quote Garden). Works Cited Quote Garden. Quotations about confidence. 17 October 2007. 2 Feburary 2009 <http://www. quotegarden. com/confidence. html>.