MEMO essay

TO : To the Employee

FROM : Quality Manager

CC :General Manager

DATE : 17THMay 2016

SUBJECT: Responseto complaindated November 2015 about the quality of medical care servicereceived at Kenmore Mercy Hospital

Thisis to inform you that following the complaint raised in November2015 the hospital management would like to apologize for the poorservice that was accorded to you. The hospital management did aninvestigation on the issues raised and based on its findings wouldlike to inform you of the following recommendations.

Thehospital policy states that every patient has a right to service, andall cases must be treated equally. The nurses were, therefore,advised that allpatients must always be accorded the sameattention as the hospital aims at satisfying all its customers. Thehospital management also noted that the treatment method administeredto you was not in agreement with the standard operating proceduresfor handling allergic patients. Nurses and doctors on shift duringthis incident have been warned against such actions and alwaysadvised to follow the laid down procedures for handling all kinds ofemergency complications.Refreshertraining has,therefore, been organized for all nurses and doctors on theimportance of following the standard operating procedures asstipulated. The hospital has also decided to increase its emergencystaff numbers to improvetheemergency services offered. The cleaning of the emergency room andother hospital rooms have also been improved. The hospital has alsointroduced a quality inspection system whereby all the patients willbe required to raise any issue should they feel that the nurses aredelaying in attending to their concerns.

Thehospital management would like to guarantee you that implementationof the above recommendations and corrective actions have been done,and the quality of its services has improved. The hospital would alsolike to thank you for the complaints raised and do hope that you willconsider visiting the facility once again for our improved andefficient health care services



KenmoreMercy Hospital2950 Elmwood AvenueKenmore, NY 14217


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