Member of Board of Directors essay

Globalization, along with other political factors has increased the demand of sustainable living. The most common challenges for us in this global scenario are poverty, unemployment, ill health, and frustration of people. Heifer International is a leading organization of United States of America, working for the noble cause of eradicating such imbalances round the globe through charity giving. We’re the promoters of sustainable living. And now we’re on the go to expand our course of action in order to have maximum coverage of the affected.

In the connection of expanding Heifer International’s course of action, I, “board member’s name” being a member of Board of Directors Heifer International, hereby invite you to join us as a board member. This invitation to you is a consequence of the inspiration Heifer International’s Board of Directors had from your work and career. And it’ll not be a wrong projection if I say that your career path, pragmatic solutions for the problems, vast experience in dealing with social, environmental and economic problems best fit for the position of board member at Heifer International.

Your presence at Heifer International as a board member will not only bring a hope in many souls suffering from gloom of hardships, but will provide you with best possible opportunities to pursue research in variety of areas of your interest. It’ll be great pleasure for us to have your company at Heifer International, and you’ll find Heifer International a strong support for your noble cause to help humanity. Rightly said by you in Darwinian Left that human nature does possess a substantial capacity for cooperation. So we’re anticipating cooperation from your part. Hope you’ll accompany us in this volunteer work.