Meeting Programs essay

The purpose of company meetings is fairly broad, covering one agenda to another with varied reasons that are highly instrumental to the success of the organization. Business meetings address various concerns including resources or finances, formatting or restructuring various systems or orders within the organization, the formulation of scripts, plans or projects, and the establishment of service positions that structure the human capital of the organization. Company meetings are not only intended for various purposes but also for different groups of people.

There are meetings intended for board members or leaders, for the management, for the employees, and such. Since time and effort allotted to company meetings are realized, there is a need to ensure that it meets the agenda, goals, and objectives of the meeting to prevent the wastage of the set occasion. (Crystal Meth Anonymous, 2008) Overall, an effective company meeting program meets all the agenda for the particular event, not only during the meeting but after it as well, as observed from changes and transformations brought about by the points or issues discussed during the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, information in the form of invitations or memoranda should be sent to individuals who are expected to attend the said event. This ensures that they are given enough time to clear their schedules during the set time for the meeting. Moreover, the process of informing participants should ensure that the invitation will be received and that they be requested to respond in order to ascertain the number of individuals that will be attending the meeting.

The need to communicate with the participants requires the implementation of software tools that will facilitate the two-way communication process – electronic messaging, instant messaging, etc. In addition, an effective company meeting is also arranged systematically. This consideration requires thorough and systematic planning which looks at the pre-meeting, actual meeting, and post-meeting situations, and looking into all the aspects or dimensions that need to be addressed for the three phases or situations during the company meeting.

Prior to the meeting, the agenda should be determined and the people who will be attending should be first identified, and then informed. The venue should be set or reserved before the actual time of the meeting, with considerations to the needs or requirements of initiating the meeting, from the sound system, LCD or projector, microphones, and such, (“Styles of Room Setup,” 2008) the type of approach or technique that will be used to communicate fully the purpose of the meeting, (Schlegel, 2008) the food and the availability of other needs and facilities that provide basic needs of the attendees.

The actual meeting should be well-organized in such a way that the issues or points that the attendants need to discuss are methodically arranged, starting from the simple to complex situations. Moreover, it should follow a format which will allow smooth transition from one part of the meeting to the next. For instance, it should start with the assembly of the meeting by calling the attention of the participants, the reading of traditions such as welcoming remarks, statement of objectives, etc.

, reviewing past meetings, progress of the organization, introducing new issues that will be discussed, allowing the participants to air thoughts or comments, and the conclusion of the meeting, etc. (Crystal Meth Anonymous, 2008) After the meeting, managers or leaders should be able to provide additional informational resources or materials for participants in order for them to have copies of the content of the meeting and review it thoroughly.

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