Meet the Fockers essay

Meet the Fockers is a comedy film that is produced in 2004. This is directed by Jay Roach. It is the sequel to the film Meet the Parents and another film follows this, which is the Little Fockers. The title itself shows the kind of film the movie is about. The title is funny on its own so it is really appropriate to the plot of the story.

The story of Meet the Fockers evolve around the meeting of two families when Greg Focker is engaged to Pamela Byrnes. Intrigued with the name of Greg Focker, Pam’s father then decides to investigate the parents of Greg. However, Pam’s parents are very conservative and Greg’s parents are very liberated.

Even though they are very different to each other, the two families still try to understand each other. The plot of the story tells the chronological events that have happened around Greg and Pam and their families. The major characters in the films are: Jack Byrnes, Pamela Byrnes, Dina Byrnes, Greg Focker, Bernard Focker, and Rozalin Focker. Jack is a retired CIA agent and is the father of Pamela. He distrusts Greg because of his name and this is the reason why he tries to determine whether Greg is a liar. Pamela is the fiancee of Greg and the daughter of Jack and Dina. Dina is the wife of Jack and mother of Pam.

She is a very sympathetic person. Greg Focker is the fiance of Pamela and the son of Bernard and of Rozalin. He is often involved in mayhem. Bernard is the father of Greg and the husband of Rozalin. He is a former attorney but then decides to stay at home. Last is Rozalin. She is the wife of Bernard and the mother of Greg.

She works as a sex therapist for the elderly. The location used in the movie is Florida. This is where Greg’s parents are living. This place helps in bringing out the personality of Bernard and Rozalin. In relation to time, the film is 1 hour and 54 minutes long and it is just enough to show the plot of the movie.