Medicare Outline essay

Running Header: MEDICARE OUTLINE 1

  1. Brief description of Medicare entailing that it’s a federal insurance program and the aspects it covers- older patients with 65 years and above, persons with disabilities and people with end stage renal failure.

  2. Outline of the history of Medicare including the constitutional and congressional Acts and amendments that created the Medicare program.

  3. Brief description of four parts of Medicare parts- A, B, C and D.

  1. Body

This will give a detailed account of the four parts of Medicare,qualifications for coverage and roles each part play in a person’shealth. These will include:

  • Part A, of Medicare, which covers hospital insurance and includes hospitals, hospices, skilled nursing centers and home health facilities.

  • Part B of Medicare which covers medical insurance and includes preventive care services, doctor’s services, medical equipment, outpatient services, lab tests, home health, imaging tests, mental health services and ambulance services.

  • Part C of Medicare which covers Medicare advantage plans, that is, privately contracted institutions by Medicare that offer Parts A and B to patients such as Health Maintenance Organizations and Special Needs Plans among others.

  • Part D of Medicare which offers prescription drugs coverage for all the other parts of Medicare.

  • Qualifications for each part of medical care that will include the enrollment criteria, social security contributions, retirement benefits and payments of premiums.

  1. Conclusion

  1. Brief summary of major points discussed in the body including history, parts of Medicare, qualifications for coverage and their roles in patient’s health coverage.


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