Media In A Learning Environment essay

Globalization has swept across the globe and left significant results in many spheres of life including learning in the schools. The use of computers has gained momentum in class rooms of today especially with the discovery of much student friendly software. Computers enable simulation and creation of models of many principles that are learnt in schools. Secondary chemistry experiments can now be conducted through a computer platform without the use of physical reagents and laboratory. This is quite possible by use of computer aided laboratory.

Computers also help teachers to give notes in class because the computer storage equipments are easily portable and can be used to transfer data at a very fast rate. Research can also be done very fast in a class room by the use of internet connected computers and this reduces the strain on notes and text book buying. Computer aided design and drawing is another computer program that many teachers can use to demonstrate various circuits in electronics and other drawing subjects like arts (Enesco, 2008). USE OF TELEVISION FOR LEARNING Television is another widely used electronic gadget that can find application in schools.

Most countries have lesson programs that are aired in the TV channels. These lessons can be periodic and target certain topics. Teachers can implement the use of TV sets in class rooms so tat the students can benefit from such programs. The TV programs help to inform the class and also stimulate the students and pupils to research more on what they have watched. Incase some education programs are future when the students are at home, teachers can give their students assignments of watching the program and then assessing the results the next day.

PBS teachers live is among the educationally oriented presentation. Some books of literature have also been transformed into plays and some of these can be presented to students so as to help them gain better understanding of the stories so tat they can be better prepared to tackle the literature exams. The use of TV is quite effective because it also motivates students to understanding and they can be used for many levels of learning right from the lower grades to the most advanced stages. USE OF DOCUMENT CAMERAS IN LEARNING

The use of document cameras is quite diverse and unique. This technology is quite close to the use of the projectors on the walls. This system is always used to aid in learning almost all subjects. Any material to be read is placed on the document camera so that the whole class can view it and even read it together with the teacher. All the assignments that are done by the students can be feed into the camera so that they can be marked. The marked material is also very much available for review during the revision (Tomasi, K, 2004. P. 233).

Maps and other diagrams can also be made available for the study through projections from the camera. Teachers can also use the document camera to get students who participate on forgery by projecting the signatures in question and questioning the genuiness behind such practices. This among other technologies has been used to make learning better. Sources Enesco (2008). Television for learning. Retrieved for World Wide Web on 31st Jan, 2009 from: http://www. unesco. org/education/educprog/lwf/doc/portfolio/opinion7. htm Tomasi, K. (2004). Media and use of electronics in teaching. NY: Oxford press.