McCain Fights to Keep Crucial Blue State in Play essay

In just a few days, The United States of America will be voting for their 45th president. The candidates are Senator Barrack Obama representing the Democratic Party, while for the Republican Party, it will be John McCain. Both candidates have travelled far and wide to present their respective agendas, debated on crucial issues that are sensitive to the general public and as they the days wind the down before the electoral proper commences both candidates are making that extra push to solidify their case of the presidency.

Some would even argue that this upcoming election is one of the most anticipated elections in recent history. Pennsylvania is one of the key electoral states in this presidential race that the two presidential candidates, Barrack Obama and John McCain, are still fighting for in the final weeks leading into the 2008 election proper. According to the recent Pennsylvania Polls, Senator Barrack Obama has a double-digit advantage against Senator John McCain.

Though this fact may not be as important as some people may think the McCain camp thinks other wise. Political advisers in the McCain camp expressed the need to win in Pennsylvania because the state has 21 electoral votes that can potentially put their candidate closer within striking distance of their counterpart, Barrack Obama. The sense of urgency being shown by the McCain camp is a sign that suggests that they are not quite ready to give up on their candidate and on this campaign.

“Conceding Pennsylvania two weeks before the election would be too much an admission of failure, said G. Terry Madonna, the director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster…” The McCain camp is also trying to redeem its performance on the last concession which was in Michigan where they abandoned their campaign just last month. The McCain camp has also used different strategies to establish a firm grip in Pennsylvania.

“Philadelphia is one of the only major cities in the country where Mr. McCain’s advertising campaign is anywhere near as voluminous as that of Mr. Obama’s. ” The article entitled “McCain Fights to Keep Crucial Blue State in Play” talks about the current status of the 2008 presidential race. It also speaks about the status of John McCain’s effort in “sealing the deal” with regards to his campaign in Pennsylvania.

With the presidential election just around the corner, John McCain and Barrack Obama are on the final stages in closing out one of the most exciting and interesting electoral campaign in recent memory. Both candidates tried their best to show that they are worth America’s vote in the coming election. The article I feel has a fair-biased in reporting the results and giving each candidate credit for what they already have accomplished. Sometimes media tend to take sides with regards in reporting the election.

In this case, the facts speak for themselves and without the media taking sides whether it is McCain or Obama, the true speaks for itself and we just have to see the end results of the election for us to take sides. This article is worth the front page of any newspaper because of what is at stake for the two candidates. People especially the voters should now the facts in order for them to truthfully cast their votes.

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