Materialist sense & personal happiness

Money plays a major role in the world today and it is essential for every individual to be financially sound in order to cope up with the difficulties in life. It is therefore necessary to have a good social status. In terms of sociology, the word status stands for the socially defined niches and positions people have in the society such as the professors, administrators or students. Therefore I strongly believe that having more in the materialistic sense is a path to personal happiness, however this statement might contradict in some cases where people have money but they are not happy.

I am student and I see a bright future for me that will aid me to earn well and to become sound in monetary terms as this surely makes the people from the high class happy as they are rich but the poor are neglected. The social conflict theory says that the society is a complex system and social change occurs due to the inequality and the conflicts that arise between different individuals.

I believe that is theory is very true and I have observed various examples such as in politics or sports, etc. in which social conflict occurs. This theory can also be referred as favoritism as different people belonging to different social classes are treated differently. Another theory in sociology is the structural functional theory that says that the society can be best understood as a complex system as it is made up of many interdependent parts that work together to augment constancy.

Every part contributes for the well-being of the others and the aim is to maintain equilibrium as if any one part change, the other is affected too. The lower class people work while the rich earn and it would not be possible for the rich to earn if the poor will not work for them, therefore the two groups are interdependent. (Macionis, 2007).

Reference Macionis, J. J. (2007). Sociology. 12th Edn. Prentice Hall.