Mario Testino Photography essay

MarioTestino Photography

MarioTestino Photography

InitialResponse to Image

The first impression depicted represents careful considerations inthe elements illustrated in the picture. The portrait is arepresentation of boldness while providing a sense of courage andbrevity on the subject. The subject is manifested as an individualwho is strong despite the environment. The image successfullyindicates the kind that stands to bring out the best in the subject.For example, the combination of the face of the woman with an imagethat resembles the head of a tiger ingrained on top of her head. Theentire image brings out the face of a woman in a tiger’s head. Itevokes feelings of strength, courage and brevity on the part of thewoman. It could further indicate the “manly” aspect of a femalebehind the beautiful and attractive face.


The background of the picture has carefully been chosen since itdepicts serenity and calmness. The photographer has rightly focusedthe image without any blurring that is attributed to technicalerrors. Focus on the woman in the head of the animal serves as acrucial component in ensuring that the product that emanates standsout. The choice of a mixture of color that is shady blue and grayfits well to support the final image that results. The backgroundcolor is slightly faded but is efficient since it enhances the imagethat results. Also, the photographer has ensured that there is abalance of light in the image. Also, the image does not depict thepresence of dust or technical distractions. It is a clear imageindicative of professional photography (Lister, 2013). Regardingtone, the light complexion of the character in an otherwise dullscene makes it possible to achieve contrast.


The photographer is trying to elaborate the ability of the femalegender to be strong and courageous despite the misconception thatthey are not. The viewers may have to consider changing theirperspective of women. They could be characterized as powerfulindividuals in an otherwise innocent appearance. The content entailsthe face of a beautiful woman with a head of a wild animal, possiblya tiger on top. Also, the woman is positioned in a way that she isfocused on something distant and appears determined to get there. Thecombination of such aspects is effective since it helps the viewerget an idea of what the photography was about. The photographer couldalso be portraying the image of a woman living in an environment thatdoes not favor her progress. For example, the head of the image ofthe tiger on her head could represent the challenges that affect thedevelopment of a woman and her ability to attain the goals that shemay have set.


The photographer can be described as to having managed to try to passon the concept. The choice of the background and the appearance ofthe image enables one to have a rough idea of what was being talked(Lister, 2013). The combination of a beautiful face with that of awild animal efficiently elaborates the intention of the photographer.Overall, the image is a representation of professional photographyand is successful in passing the image to viewers. A blend ofcarefully thought out the background and the subject is a masterpiecenegating the need to applaud the photographer for a job well done(Lister, 2013).


Lister, M. (2013).The photographic image in digital culture. Routledge.