Marble Anthropoid Sarcophagus essay

At first sight, the marble anthropoid sarcophagus looked short and stodgy. The unequal proportion of the sarcophagus was evident. The head or the uppermost part of the sarcophagus was too big for the upper and lower body. The lid did not provide a noticeable outline for the arms and legs which resulted to a boxy effect. There was no balance in the elements used such as the too broad upper body and the inappropriate large head. Because of this, harmony and cohesion were not achieved that produced a dull sculpture. More so, the head of the woman was empowering the whole appearance of the sarcophagus.

Its relatively large head was the focal point. However, the size of the head eliminated the visibility of a neck making the representation of the human figure distorted. In addition, the details of the facial features were rugged. The round shaped face was framed by the big curls of hair around the forehead area. Closed lips, protruding nose and deep set eyes highlighted were the only specific details present on the face. Most probably only a trained eye would notice at first glance that the face belongs to a woman.

Meanwhile, the only decor on the body of the sarcophagus was the long locks of hair. Aside from this, the sarcophagus remained plain and minimal which is a drawback because viewers upon observing this work of art are deprived of valuable data on the story of the man/woman behind the coffin. Overall, the external look of the sarcophagus showcased the basic knowledge of the sculptors about the human anatomy. However, their mastery of the contours of the human body and fondness for details were not reflected that lessened the aesthetic value of the sarcophagus.