Managers and subordinates relations essay


Managersand subordinates relations

Managersand subordinates relations


Itcertainly matters what kind of a manager one is assumed to be. Thisis regardless of whether one is able to deliver expected results tothe top management or not. It is important for any organization tonurture an effective relationship between the managers and theirsubordinates (Fitzwater, 1999). When a wall is developed betweenemployees and managers, it results to frustrations andineffectiveness in communication level. For an organization toestablish an effective employee and manager relationship there is agreat need of clear and free communication.


Whenhiring an employee, one is able to determine their extent of personalmotivation towards employee expectations. This is by gaugingemployee’s skills as far as managing employer’s expectations areconcerned (Leat, 2012). It is thus important for the employee toexpress how he or she is going to use her personality to attainingthe expectations of the employer. Personal motivation goes hand inhand with personality of any employee who demonstrates high leveldependability (Gennard and Judge, 2002). There exists a positiverelationship between the two and every employee is expected to adjusthis or her personality to meeting the expectations of the employers.


Managersplay a crucial role in demonstrating high level of motivation towardstheir subordinates (Fitzwater, 1999). Therefore, it is employeeresponsibility to ensure that they respond positively when a managerdemonstrates this effort. Typically, there exists a joint effort fromboth the manager and the subordinate in sustaining a healthy workingenvironment (Leat, 2012). It is thus important for effectiverelationship to exist between the two and particularly from theemployees, in communicating job progress or making regular inquiries.


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