Management Decision Making essay

ManagementDecision Making

ManagementDecision Making

Inthe business scenarios, while making decisions, there are some caseswhere the Christian ethical principles should be employed. Forinstance, a secretary in a given department can be very hard workingwhen it comes to performing her duties. She is very efficient andcompletes a huge volume of work within a very short time. On theother hand, she usually reports to work very late, her mode ofdressing is destitute, and can never take any additional assignments.The management may decide to make a decision whether to fire orretain her. Before making such a decision, it will be better toemploy Christian principles and advice the lady to live according tothe way and principles of Christians, who are required to dressdecently, help others in the place of work, and also keep time(Patterson, 2010).

Iwill employ the teleological and utilitarianism theories. Inteleological theory, an action is right depending on the good resultsit produces (Broad, 2014). In Utilitarianism, our duty is to take anaction that balances the good over the evil (MacKinnon, 2012).

Inthis case, the teleological theory applies in the sense that thesecretary is very efficient and performs her work within thestipulated time to beat the deadlines. What will be the outcome ofthe management decision therefore in retaining or firing her? Thetheory of utilitarianism applies because her mode of dressing is poorand she cannot help in any additional work, should we fire her orgive her Christian advice?

Inthe management decision, we will make use of the Biblical verse thatteaches about the self-discipline and applies to the place of work.In offering the Christian advice, we will make reference to Titus2:12 that teach us to renounce ungodly actions and behaviors (Peace,2014). This is the verse that I hope the management will apply inmaking the decisions to this secretary so that she will restrain fromungodly dressing codes and unpleasant behavior.


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