Management and resolution essay

Informal intervention is a form of mediation appropriated for conflict management and resolution. It involves the entrance of a third party; an individual who should be neutral and unbiased in the matter so that an informed judgment can be made based on evidence. A third party functions as a new breath of energy to the issue because informal intervention calls for objectivity of belief. That person can also offer a new perspective to managing the conflict.

Yes, I have been involved in third party intervention while working for a food processing and manufacturing company, that does huge export and import trade. On that said occasion, there was a rift between me, the preceptor and a shop floor supervisor. There had been a clash of organizational objectives and targets to be meet and actual work performance. It was difficult for me to meet my objectives, due to a breakdown in machinery earlier in the week that forced production to halt. In these circumstances, usually, each disputant tries to persuade the mediator to see the story through their eyes.

It requires the practice of good listening and communication skills, to ensure that no one person dominates the argument. The intervention of the ER Director brought resolution to the issue. Initially, she asked that we both relay, what happened on the shop floor to bring structure to the discussion and some level of understanding. Then she proceeded to position behavioural practices displayed and linked it to the overall company policy; supervisors supervise and shop floor workers produce – it forces us to consider our commonality in interest.

Another major outcome is that we recognised and appreciated each other’s views and a better understanding of the situation which brings respect for everyone’s interest. Third party mediation, usually, helps to manage or resolve conflict.


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